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3. Obstacles Akshobhya Bound In the midst of present difficulties a supernal prize awaits as one is now Akshobhya-bound. It’s a time of neither going nor standing still, as the aspiring ascetic is empowered to transcend the restrictions of samsaric reality. In order to win Akshobhya’s crown one must remain resilient (immovable) in the face of all obstacles by disengaging from phenomena through wu-wei—actionless activity. Resist the mad desire to confront the obstacle head-on Read more [...]

Gnosis for the Journey Home

VIII. Gnosis for the Journey Home 1. The Spirit in the space of energy crystallizes in a four-fold fashion Midsummer is whitened by snow The disk of the Sun spirals-out into infinity On the surface of the Water the Wind blows a face of gentleness In the Midnight one is receptively-blessed with spiritual-solitude Yet deeper still lies the Secret within the Secret: Nowhere is the point of origin that returns to the True Primordial Home 2. The Essence of the journey-home is non-action Read more [...]

Doing Nothing

  Master Yaoshan Weiyan (751-834) One day Yaoshan was sitting on a rock. Master Shitou asked, “What are you doing here?” Yaoshan replied, “Doing nothing (wu-wei)” “Then you’re sitting idly.” “To sit idly would be doing something.” “You said doing nothing, what is it that you’re not doing?” “What a thousand sages cannot recognize.” Master Shitou praised him with a poem, Always lived together with that which is nameless, Getting by effortlessly, acting Read more [...]


30. “If you now set about using your minds to seek Mind, listening to the teaching of others, and hoping to reach the goal through mere learning, when will you ever succeed? Some of the ancients had sharp minds; they no sooner heard the Doctrine proclaimed than they hastened to discard all learning. So they were called 'Sages who, abandoning learning, have come to rest in spontaneity'.1 In these days people only seek to stuff themselves with knowledge and deductions, seeking everywhere for Read more [...]

The Mind Gem

9. “This pure Mind, the source of everything, shines forever and on all with the brilliance of its own perfection. But the people of the world do not awake to it, regarding only that which sees, hears, feels and knows as mind. Blinded by their own sight, hearing, feeling and knowing, they do not perceive the spiritual brilliance of the source-substance. If they would only eliminate all conceptual thought in a flash, that source-substance would manifest itself like the sun ascending through Read more [...]