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Six: Dhyana Yoga

The Yoga of True Renunciation is dependent upon Meditation 6.1 Thus spoke the Unborn Lord: One who acts dutifully in the Holy Dharma, regardless of the consequences, is a True Spiritual-Ascetic—not those who shun their duties and merely observe external rituals. The sannyasin (renunciate) inwardly burns the sacrificial-flame that dispels all inordinate desires, lusts, sorrows, and inclinations. This inward-fire in which the true yogin burns-off these adventitious yearnings becomes united Read more [...]

The Great Samādhis: Bardo 3, Yogadhatu & Dharmamegha

Now resting in the Amala-megha (Primal Consciousness) the will is no longer one’s own but Self-Will—yoked with the Great Unborn Tathatic Spirit-Mind, and as such, with the Element of Truth-Realm: Yogadhatu. The Ariyan Mind is now within the Direct-Sphere of Consecration (abhișekāvasthā). It’s like being cloaked in an Omniscient Sphere of Translucent Unborn Light. What is forthcoming is very grand indeed…the entrance and consecration into the ultimate stage, or Dharmamegha (dharma cloud). Read more [...]

The Ten Stages of Mind-development

Bodhisattvahood, part 4 In Tathagata-garbha, Unborn Mind Zen, there are Ten-Stages (Bhumis) of development: 1. Awareness: seeing into the Nature of Buddhi As It Is: Yathabhutam 2. Hearing through Ears That See the Dharmadhatu: Dhammasota 3. Being perfumed with the very Essence of the Tathagata: Mahabodhicitta 4. The Bodhichild is now able to taste and digest this Buddhi: Bodhi-dhatu 5. Being now fully embodied with the Essence of Bodhi: Bodhikaya 6. Attunement with the Supraconsciousness Read more [...]