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Additional Library Files

New Library Files from Tozen are now located in our Library Link above. Most of these are hard to find older editions. The Classic Dumoulin Complete History of Zen Buddhism is offered here in One Vol. VERY Hard to find. Thanks again, Tozen, for helping to make our library one of the finest around.           Read more [...]

Riding the head of the Black Dragon

Zen Buddhism strives, to get you the fastest possible way, to the undivided light of the Unborn Mind. Your own true nature. From there on, the true path of the ariyan Mind begins, and the light of Mahayana, shining with a brilliance that cannot be matched by any known phenomenon in this universe, dissolves the body consciousness of temporal spatiality as long as you bathe your Spirit in its imageless presence. He or she whom never spent at least a full day and a full night in perfect dhyana, Read more [...]

Tozen: The Spirit of Zen Buddhism

  The Zen Master wanders the temple yard, while slowly waving a paper fan against his face under the hot summer sun. A monk approaches fast]. "Yes, Master?" "It is a hot day, and all beings suffer the sun of ignorance. Thus, we need to cool ourselves in the brilliant light of the dharma for a while before night falls. Let’s discuss the undisputable teaching of Bodhidharma. Feel free and present the basic principle of his dharma to me." "Master, this is what I know so far about Read more [...]