The Yogasūtras of Patañjali: An Unborn Mind Translation and Commentary

The Author: Vajragoni presents a comprehensive analysis of the timeless principles espoused by Patañjali. This exquisite publication is highly recommended for contemplation and study pursuit.

Patañjali, the esteemed maestro of enigmatic Yogic-Codes, undoubtedly reigns supreme in his domain. His magnum opus, the Yogasūtras, serves as the illustrious cartography that artfully unravels these mystical secrets. Back in 2013, the UnbornMind blog and website unveiled an eye-opening revelation of his teachings. And now, we’re bringing it back to the forefront for you to discover and explore in print format. Prepare yourself to plunge into the profound depths of his sagacity and unveil his timeless enigmas, now bestowed upon you in the resplendent radiance of the Unborn.

Upon reflecting on it now, a decade later, it can be asserted that the aforementioned text bears resemblance to a Doctoral Thesis, specifically one centered on the ideation of the Unborn. In the event that I were compelled to select a single series from the extensive collection of over one hundred series available at UnbornMind Zen, this particular work could aptly be designated as a Doctoral Thesis that elucidates the Yogasūtras through the lens of UnbornMind principles.

These sūtras themselves, being the fundamental elements of an oral teaching that persists to this day, can be likened to meticulous lecture notes or mnemonic devices. Each sūtra represents a tightly bound knot of the utmost delicacy, necessitating careful unraveling and examination in order to fully comprehend its significance. Only through this meticulous process can the tapestry of wisdom be meticulously interwoven, showcasing the holistic essence of the teachings.

In a similar vein, we shall embark upon a journey of exploration into the Yogasūtras of Patañjali. This endeavor has been and continues to be a labor of arduous study, yet I am convinced that the fruits of our labor shall be most rewarding in unraveling the enigmatic Yogic-Codes.

The text is visually enhanced with color illustrations.

May the resplendent luminosity of the unparalleled Unborn forever grace your ethereal pursuit and odyssey.


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The Yogasūtras of Patañjali: An Unborn Mind Translation and Commentary