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New Meditation Manual

Our Summer Publication is out now and offers a splendid format for your practice. From the preface:

This book of meditations is dedicated to our fine readership at Together over the years we have spiritually sojourned through the heights and the depths of the Buddhadharma—that great wordless teaching that is the full and unequivocal call to awaken, through the unparalleled aid of undivided awareness power (bodhi) to the True Nature of Mind as it is in Itself. This present text consists of excerpts from our various teaching blogs revolving around the Sutras, the Zen Masters themselves, and to a great degree what UnbornMind Zen has in common with the boundless Dzogchen teachings. The Noble Prajñāpāramitā is also here. Spending quality time with these reflections will alert you to the one thing necessary: turning-about from all inadequate phenomena and resting securely in the undivided embrace of the Unborn alone. Ours is a singular spiritual convention, dating back to the earliest adepts of the Lankavatara Sutra itself. In alignment with the Lanka we hold that by reason of the habit energy of erroneous discrimination and false reasoning that has been going on since beginningless time, mind has been duped and prevented from Recollecting the sole exit from this illusory and burning theatre: the Unborn Light of countless Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. By firm faith in the Buddhadharma whose Root Source is the Unborn Buddha Mind one’s transcendence is assured. Join us now and enter via these timeless meditations into the great depository of Noble Wisdom and the only journey worth taking—the journey of Self-awakening. The design of the 51-page coil-bound book is intended for meditation purposes and is color illustrated. A most handsome addition to your practice. read more

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