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Khatvanga—A Multi-Purpose Mystical Tool

The Khatvanga is a mystical-ritual tool utilized in both meditation and as a vehicle for directing healing energy. The blog Yoga of the Manomayakāya discusses its use in merging with the Manomayakāya during meditation. I own two, one made out of yak-bone that I utilize inside my house, and the other made of iron (pictured above), which is kept in my hermitage. The Khatvanga itself houses a deity, just as its cousin, the Phurpa, does too. In essence, it is the spirit of the deity that is being Read more [...]

The Udāna and Covid 19

In these unprecedented times I shall remember these days as my Udāna period here at Unborn Mind Zen. With this new rendition of the suttas written in Light of the Unborn and accompanied with exegesis the ever-present and dominant backdrop has been the lingering presence of Covid 19. I live in upstate NY, pretty close to ground zero in NYC. The death tallies just keep adding up and up, hopefully there will be a peak shortly. But returning to anything resembling normalcy just isn’t in the cards Read more [...]

The Melody of the Unborn

8.3 (73) Parinibbāna (Nibbāna Sutta) Thus has it been made known. On one occasion the Blessed One was residing near Sāvatthī, at the Jeta Grove in Anāthapiṇḍika’s Park. On that auspicious occasion the Blessed One was instructing and arousing and inspiring the monks with a discourse centered on Nibbāna. The monks opened their Dharma-ear and responded wholeheartedly to the Dhamma being displayed before them. Then, upon realizing the great significance that was unfolding, the Blessed Read more [...]

A Leper’s Tale

5:3 (43) The Leper (Suppabuddhakuṭṭhisuttaṁ) Thus has it been made known. At another time the Blessed One was staying near Rājagaha, at the Bamboo Grove, the Squirrels’ Feeding Sanctuary. On that occasion there lived a poor and wretched leper, Suppabuddha, who saw a large gathering of people and thought to himself, “Surely, there are some distributions of food being offered, let me go there and receive some staples of nourishment.” Coming closer, he beheld that the Blessed One Read more [...]