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Technique #10: Hatsurei Ho

Vajragoni: I’d like to conclude our Sessions with a closing comment on Dhyana Technique # 10, Hatsurei Ho. Essentially this technique expands upon Binzuru Ho and is a very thorough cleansing and empowering technique that if practiced on a daily basis will fully engage the presence of the Unborn Spirit in your life as well as foster proper bodhiflow throughout the Chakras as well. It’s divided into three stages. The first stage, Kenyoko Ho, is the self-cleansing stage that expands upon the basic technique taught in Binzuru Ho and effectively disengages the effects of the Skandhas; the second stage, Josin kokyu Ho, empowers the energy channels within the Light Body or Charkas, thus balancing their respective energies; the third stage, Seishin toitsu, is a reinforcement of the second stage by powerfully directing Unborn Light Reiki (UBLR) throughout the rupakaya and Light Body simultaneously. read more

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Gods in Buddhism?

Interesting article by Neil Schmid on the nature of the Buddhist hierarchy of divinities:

Buddhism is often labeled an atheistic philosophy or religion because Buddha is not considered a god by Buddhists and no “creator god” exists. Such a conclusion lays bare Abrahamic assumptions of what a religion and theism should be. In fact, Buddhism is polytheistic. The Buddhist cosmos at its most basic level is divided into two realms—one where beings are subject to karma and rebirth, called samsara, and one where they no longer are, called nirvana. Within the cycle of samsara are thirty-one types of existence, each a state of being resulting from a previous karma. At the lowest end of the spectrum are hell-dwellers, hungry ghosts, animals, and warring gods. Next are humans, and above them in assorted heavens and higher worlds are twenty-six types of divinities or devas— related to the Greek theos and Latin deus. read more

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Technique #9: Mahasunya Ho

Wieslaw Sadurski

Vajragoni: Closely allied with Dharmasota Ho is Dhyana Technique #9, Mahasunya Ho, where the Unborn will continue to unfold IT’s dominance over those unruly vexations of the discriminatory mind; hence this technique will assist you in overcoming your anxiety in relinquishing control of your personal will. read more

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Technique #8: Dharmasota Ho

Question: Shoden Session # 8 opens with a distinction between one’s “personal will” and the Unborn Will; curious as to why there needs to be any such distinction since we are already united with the Unborn Will as such… read more

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Technique #7: Sugata Ho

Question: Along the lines of grasp and grasping…I see that you mention them in Shoden Session # 7, Sugata Ho. Why are they problematic? read more

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Is there need for a teacher in Zen?

Oftentimes the question is asked, “Do I need a teacher in Zen?” Without going into some theoretical basis for this question, my own experience will be the foundation for hopefully providing some insight into this timely issue. My earliest exposures to Zen were through works like Thomas Merton’s, Zen and the Birds of Appetite, Zen Catholicism by Dom Aelred Graham, sundry titles from Alan Watts and other contemporary scholars and Zen sages. Then I came under the spell of Osho. I purchased numerous books and videos on Osho’s teachings and his charismatic presence that have wooed thousands over the years. It’s hard to escape from his spellbinding techniques—he really gets inside your head and becomes almost permanently ensconced within. Thankfully, in the year 1999 I came across the Zennist’s Dark Zen and Tozen’s teachings on Tathagata-garbha Unborn Mind Zen. For a more in-depth story of this part of my own spiritual sojourn, the following blog goes into greater detail. Suffice to say that Tozen became my Dharma-teacher and my ensuing spiritual formation provided a profound transformation in my life. I have to say that without a teacher’s “one-on-one” guidance, one’s spiritual growth only remains on the surface—it never becomes firmly “directed” and rooted-within, hence there is no sound spiritual foundation. read more

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Technique #6: Spanda Ho

Question: I see that Shoden Session # 6 incorporates a Vedic-oriented term, Spanda…is this correct?

Vajragoni: Yes. The term is rooted in the ancient scriptures of Kashmir Saivism and represents the primordial principle that constitutes the “vibratory” nature of the universe; it is the very heartthrob of the Absolute Reality of the Source ITself. read more

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Technique #5: Dragonyana Ho

Question: You have discussed the nature of defiled seeds; what’s the best way to cleanse them away?

Vajragoni: Well, a good way to begin is by practicing the techniques found in Shoden Session # 5, Dragonyana Ho. read more

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Technique #4: Yathabhutam Ho

Question: The Dhyana Technique in Shoden Session # 4 has a most unusual name…Yathabhutam Ho…what does this term mean? read more

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Technique #3: Chakra Stimulation

Question: You just referred to the Sugata-garbha; you also mention in Dhyana Technique #3, or the Chakra Stimulation Technique, that the Sugata-garbha Chakra is the “seat of knowledge from which the subtle energy flow of Unborn Light Reiki empowers one to remain balanced and focused in the Recollective Resolve…and that its quality is one of Primordial, maternal joy.” Are you saying then, in reference to the conclusion of the Binzuru-Ho Technique that one is actually merging with this Chakra in order to effectively stifle the agitation of the skandhas, much like a mother would quieten a troubled child? read more

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