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Contemplative Sojourn III


Greetings from Vajragoni here at Unborn Mind Zen Once again it’s that annual-junction wherein my time apart from active blogging begins. Since arriving back last August from Contemplative Soujorun II we have added a lot of new material. A series … Continue reading

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Food for the Turtles


The Mystic by Tania Marie The Turtle Zhuangzi was once fishing beside the Pu River when two emissaries brought him a message from the King of Chu: “The king would like to trouble you with the control of all his … Continue reading

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One who knows does not speak, one who speaks does not know


WHEN KNOWLEDGE WENT NORTH Knowledge wandered north Looking for Tao, over the Dark Sea, And up the Invisible Mountain. There on the mountain he met Non-Doing, the Speechless One. He inquired: “Please inform me, Sir, By what system of thought … Continue reading

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The Tao of Qi


The Zhuangzi says, “Pure spirit reaches in the four directions, flows now this way, now that: there is no place it does not extend to. Above, it brushes the sky; below, it coils on the earth. It transforms and nurses … Continue reading

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