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The Real-In-Truth

If it were not this way, The Truth would not be worth preserving. The All IS All, In the All you see AS ALL If you come-round and do IT There is no more worry about wanting to see the Absolute. The Truth-In-Mind is not about Twoness, Faith in the Truth supersedes all biases. Words and language without Mind are pitiful and frail, For the Real-In-Truth is sans past, sans present, sans future… The Way of the Real and Unborn Mind is not a divided-one. Truth is having Faith Read more [...]

The Boundless Realm

In the Such one abides nowhere and yet everywhere, All the ten-directions are displayed right before you. The smallest is the largest, In the Realm where no delusions dwell. The large is as small as small can be large, In the Boundless Realm of no differences. Being is akin to non-Being, Non-being is akin to Being. In the Land of the Such there are no linguistic fantasies; here, there, everywhere, and yet nowhere abide in no-abidance faithfully keeping beat to unfaithful rat-catchers Read more [...]

Absolute Faith

Enter into IT with full accord, In this fashion, the twin Iron Mountains will not hem you in. Simply saying, “Not-Two”, all things are resolved in the Unborn. Everything is now perfectly accommodated. The Shining Ones in all ten-directions, Faithfully abide in this Principle. This Absolute Faith transcends all time and space, One flash is as ten-thousand years. Being in-IT fulfills all other spiritual-disciplines. Being in-IT the twin-mountains of dualism have no more power Read more [...]

No More Light, No More Darkness…

No-thing is anywhere to be found; No-thing has the power to Recollect. The Darkness of the Void is Lucid and Bright. No dark stain of corporeity soils the Luminous Mind. IT is not a realm of constricted cognition; Yea, not a Realm of narrow-reason, emotion and spoiled imagination. In the Kingdom of True Suchness, Tathata, Where are the traces of light or darkness? No-thing-ness can withstand the awesome Translucent Light of the Unborn. Only the Dharmakayic-Spirit of Suchness Read more [...]


When the Terrible-Twos are no more, Where’s the Demon Head of the One to be found? In the Unborn Mind, There is no need for standardization in any form. Equanimity is the point of arriving where you have never left. The harried-heads of the demons are forever gone. Mind-vacillation stops Its vicarious twists and turns. Right-faith is sharing-in the very vivifying-Mind of the Tathagatas. When the Two are slain the Head of the One likewise rests on the silver plate of Victory. Read more [...]

A Hard Day’s Night

Deep looks upon Deep as the Singular-Whole, And all External Associations are rendered Mute. The ten-thousand things coalesce with Essential-Sameness, You and the Dharmakaya are strangers no more. When opposites contract into undivided singularity, The long days of comparison are over. Movement ceases and action is extrinsic, Yet when activity is abandoned, the nights of restlessness ensue. When the Deep recognizes the Deep AS ITSELF, the Realm of Singularity prevails. All former Read more [...]

Eye of the Dragon

A Dreamy-Dance of the Gandharvas, Are Fleeting-shadows that cannot be embraced. Thoughts of rightness or wrongness, Let them be gone with quick dispatch. The Eye of the Dragon does not sleep, Dreams evaporate under its nirvanic-stare. If Mind Recollects Its signature-watch, All the ten-thousand things reflect a singular-suchness Images of celestial-musicians piping a tune dissipate quickly before samsara’s incessantly roving-eye. Why give undue courtesy to worn-out circumstantial- Read more [...]

Manufactured Dreams

There is no-other teaching apart from the One-Vehicle, The ones in ignorance only become attached to their own chatter. If you try to use Mind to cultivate Mind, The Mind would dissolve Itself. The bewildered ones inherit the seasons of satisfaction and discontent, While the children of Bodhi bear no fancies or scorn. All dualistic constrictions, Are manufactured by the dreaming Mind Itself. There is Mind-Only and no-other Mind. Imagining any other is mere mind-chatter. Paraphrasing Read more [...]


If you weary the spirit with anxiety, No beings in any of the six realms can help you. In order for the One Vehicle to awaken you to the Dharmadhatu, Do not attempt to dispel any sensate obstructions. With no aversion towards the six realms of impermanence, Right Contemplation will be your constant companion. The Shining Ones do not gravitate towards aversion or affection, While the foolish ones readily condemn themselves to endless-bondage. Incessantly wearing the spirit Read more [...]

Let it Be

Prudence never returns once it departs, And one falls into the waiting arms of perdition. Just let it be, For Essence neither abdicates nor abides. Let your True Nature unfold of Its own accord, Then the worrisome mind will disappear as your True-Self emerges. If you allow the old mind to return, Weariness and trepidation will mark you for sure. Prudence is a faithful companion indeed; once one loses her one taunts-open the very gates of hell itself. If you just let-it-all be Read more [...]