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Primordial Darkness Retreat

Since ancient times darkness has been utilized as a vehicle bringing healing and wholeness and strength in spirit. Labyrinthine structures of many diverse cultures were constructed for purposes of leading adepts into a dark interior-journey, meandering at first, but eventually … Continue reading

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I It Am

I it am The greatness and goodness of the Father I it am The wisdom and kindness of the Mother I it am The light and grace that is all blessed love I it am I it am, the Trinity … Continue reading

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A Darkness Visible

Milton’s striking metaphor in Paradise Lost, the oxymoron Darkness Visible, is unparalleled in referring light (lumen) itself to something like a hellish tomb of veritable blackness. Robert J. Edgeworth in his essay entitled, Milton’s ‘Darkness Visible’ and ‘Aeneid’ 7, writes: … Continue reading

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Unborn Mind Zen on Vulture´s peak.

Finishing the ritual sharing of the green tea, the Master put down his cup,  picked up his staff and pointed at my face.  The gesture was so fast and perfectly executed,  I failed to see where the staff started and … Continue reading

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