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The Udāna and Covid 19

In these unprecedented times I shall remember these days as my Udāna period here at Unborn Mind Zen. With this new rendition of the suttas written in Light of the Unborn and accompanied with exegesis the ever-present and dominant backdrop has been the lingering presence of Covid 19. I live in upstate NY, pretty close to ground zero in NYC. The death tallies just keep adding up and up, hopefully there will be a peak shortly. But returning to anything resembling normalcy just isn’t in the cards Read more [...]

A Darkness Visible

Milton's striking metaphor in Paradise Lost, the oxymoron Darkness Visible, is unparalleled in referring light (lumen) itself to something like a hellish tomb of veritable blackness. Robert J. Edgeworth in his essay entitled, Milton's ‘Darkness Visible’ and ‘Aeneid’ 7, writes: I suggest that Milton meant what he said: the flames of Hell radiate a positive, palpable darkness which extinguishes light (symbol of the divine in Milton as in the Christian tradition generally: God is absent Read more [...]

Like an Ethereal Flower

[* It needs to be stated at the outset that the Sagathakam as translated by Suzuki oftentimes just stated “Chapter/Verse”, in which the reader was forced to go back into the main text to discover the full verses. What follows for this series is taken from the Complete Lanka and Discussion which can be found in our library. At the time in 2002, each chapter of the Lanka had to be copied down in its entirety since no such translation of Suzuki’s Lanka was available on the net. I copied the Read more [...]

Ekacitta: Advanced Studies in Dark Zen

The idea for this series occurred to me when contemplating one on George Grimm and his notion of “Self”. Then it struck me how someone in particular has thoroughly broken-down Grimm’s formulations on the matter, that someone being “The Zennist.” In point of fact, the Zennist’s foremost expertise on this can be considered as second to none as he is one of the most advanced, contemporary-sages when it comes to Ekacitta, or the One, Absolute Mind/Spirit. The Zennist’s long familiarity Read more [...]

A Shamanistic Dimension

Just finished reading the Zennist’s post entitled Restoring our spiritual senses. It evokes a shamanistic-dimension to destabilize our “despiritualized culture.” Reading this for me was one of those synchronistic moments as my blog from this past summer, Notes from the Iron Stupa , had as its salient theme a Shamanistic-Dimension. As the Zennist states it may indeed take a “modern form of shamanism” accompanied with “spiritual artifacts” that include special forms of incense and Read more [...]

Elements of Right Observance

ii.32 Observances that set spirit free 2.32 Elements of Right Observance. Purification Spiritual Contentment Ascetic Discipline Spiritual Reading Devotion to the Lord of Yoga Purification: these five elements of Niyama (Right Observance) begin with both external and internal purification. Daily hygiene and being attuned to the right sustenance for proper diet and accompanied with right exercise is a given in order to assure a healthy physicality; yet the more difficult regimen Read more [...]

Mind Mastery

i.40-47 The Refinements leading to Perfection 1.40 Mastery of Mind extends from the smallest particle to the infinite vastness of the Cosmos. What comes to mind here is what the Zennist writes about when he describes the ability to pierce-through the phenomenal haze—like boring a tiny hole in the fabric of space—to witness the Luminous Light of Pure Mind. It takes a true Master to discover the infinite through the simplest of means. The following video depicts his own breakthrough in Read more [...]

The Dharma-Wizards of Oz: Bardo 1, Part 2

The mystical waters of my life flow deep, both internally and externally. Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680), the “Native American” woman—affectionately known in my neck of the woods as the Lily of the Mohawks, lived just 4 miles from my home. She will be canonized as a Saint this coming October. This area in which she lived, along with the North American Martyrs, is considered to be very sacred. The Shrine of the North American Martyrs, with its massive “Coliseum” and adjoining Read more [...]