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For certain individuals, the comprehension of the Unborn can be deceptively facile. It remains superficial, confined to the realm of intellect, devoid of a holistic pursuit. It is akin to a contemporary Christian who possesses knowledge of Jesus but fails to penetrate the core of the transformative message of Christ, the Christos Element, whose anointment serves as the vivifying spark of the illuminative Unborn Light itself. Just as someone may mistakenly believe in their salvation solely due to the presence of Catholic patches on their shoulders, similarly, an individual enamored by a shallow and perplexing perception of the Unborn lacks the essential self-realization of the Transcendent-Event within themselves. read more

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Being captivated by the allure of samsara’s myriad facets will inevitably lead to a dishonorable demise. Should one take a moment to contemplate their own samsaric circumstances, they will undoubtedly discern the catalyst that unleashes the relentless forces of suffering. Becoming infatuated with either the opposite or same sex will ensnare one in the shackles of emotional captivity. Likewise, an infatuation with one’s offspring can foster an unhealthy reliance in later years, while an infatuation with animals, such as beloved pets, can inflict profound anguish upon their human companions when they inevitably age and depart, leaving behind a desolate and sorrowful void. Succumbing to an infatuation with the world’s riches only serves to bind one completely to the treacherous allure of dark desires and materialistic entrapment. All of these pursuits represent the ignoble quest that ultimately culminates in self-annihilation. read more

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What does it mean to “save” sentient beings? In this troubled world, it is easy to misunderstand the Bodhisattvic vow and believe that it only involves saving individuals through materialistic and altruistic means. However, this is a misconception. If one clings to this mistaken belief, they will endlessly strive for a perfect world here on Earth, which is highly unlikely to ever happen. The forces of greed, manipulation, and control will always prevent such a utopia from becoming a reality. In reality, these forces are the inherent evil in humanity. read more

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The Tathagata-kaya

The illustrious Tathagata-kaya, with its divine essence, transcends all dualistic associations. It exists beyond the confines of time, surpassing the boundaries of past, present, and future. Neither marked nor unmarked, it eludes comprehension by the skhandas or any elements of consciousness. Thus, the Tathagata remains inconceivable and imperceptible. read more

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True Understanding

The Middle-Way embodies the profound understanding that the Unborn Buddha Mind transcends any form of conceptualization. In the sacred scriptures of the Dhammapada, a poignant question arises, “Can the fleeting nature of the mind truly remember the essence of Mind?” How can something devoid of a fixed identity, and therefore incomplete, ever aspire to reach the majestic heights of That which exists before all forms of existence? Mind, in its purest form, recollects itself. It is a force that is neither brought into being nor diminished, but rather an eternal essence that remains untainted and unblemished. read more

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The Eye of Bodhidharma

Even if one possesses the ability to expound upon countless sutras and shastras, it is important to recognize that without directly perceiving one’s own nature, the teachings given are merely those of a mortal, not a Buddha. The true Way, the path to enlightenment, is something that transcends language and cannot be adequately expressed through words alone. In light of this, what purpose do scriptures serve? However, an individual who truly sees and understands their own nature will discover the Way, even if they are unable to read a single word. Such a person who perceives their own nature is a Buddha. read more

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