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For certain individuals, the comprehension of the Unborn can be deceptively facile. It remains superficial, confined to the realm of intellect, devoid of a holistic pursuit. It is akin to a contemporary Christian who possesses knowledge of Jesus but fails to penetrate the core of the transformative message of Christ, the Christos Element, whose anointment serves as the vivifying spark of the illuminative Unborn Light itself. Just as someone may mistakenly believe in their salvation solely due to the presence of Catholic patches on their shoulders, similarly, an individual enamored by a shallow and perplexing perception of the Unborn lacks the essential self-realization of the Transcendent-Event within themselves. read more

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Who, what are you?

Can you view yourself as one
whom has come to know their own true nature?
One, whom has gone beyond the senses,
whom in the gracious body of the Mind´s true light
transcended any and all views
or the most intense mortal descensions?
One whom stepped into a pure, unborn reality of the Mind
Where YOU, yes, the true YOU…
completely, perfectly
and incandescently content,
with that most luminous nature
of your own True Self?

If you apply the haze
of existence or non-existence
to it,
the delusion is complete
as a position of Mind is instantaneously born
to affirm something composed.
Your True Mind is positionless,
an absolute reality
beyond the Kingdom of Dreams,
hence the applied concept
of true self,
is like a finger pointing to this luminous Moon
where the sole power of its uncreated nature
shines unimpeded.
If you speak,
before knowing,
and believe to know something, before seeing.
Alas, once more the barrier of ignorance,
remains unbreached. read more

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The Worm of Attachment

Michael Page

There is not one among the good teachers from ancient times up to the present who hasn’t said that there is no Buddha existing outside of the mind. Though it is clear from this that all phenomena are delusion, I am not able to let go of the belief in the existence of phenomena. Is this a result of lingering habits from my mind?”  read more

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The True Body of the Precepts

Questioner: “If the essence of all the Buddha’s teachings were contained in the practice of looking directly into one’s nature and attaining Buddhahood, wouldn’t that make the formal practice of keeping the precepts meaningless?”  read more

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The grand-finale of Tsung-mi’s Chan Prolegomenon is a testament to his analysis and paraxial methodology of laying side by side the modes of delusion and awakening within Mind’s Dynamic-Nature. Although there’s an apparent contradiction within Mind’s bifurcation between denizens of the six-realms of karmic-existence and the Noble One’s of the Blessed three-vehicles, in actuality both are part and parcel of the One Luminously-Pure Sphere of the Dharmakaya. Peter N. Gregory expounds: read more

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(31) False Face

It can fairly be stated that, the more you get involved in worldly matters, the further you are from the Truth. read more

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(28) Thunder on a Drop of Rain

Every generation is doomed to fight its own ignorance; suffer the loss of the same old illusions and
learn the same old lessons on its own. read more

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Ascending the Bhūmis


As the garbha-child lay contemplating the awe and beauty of Arya Tārā’s Noble Dharma-Realm, Blessed Vajradhara appeared and produced a Ten-Prong Vajra—one with his face materializing at its hub… read more

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Practice Makes Perfect


To practice is hard 

“Even among those in the assembly now who acknowledge what I say, there are some who merely teach the Unborn with their mouths and don’t continually abide in the Unborn, people who only know about the Unborn, people of merely intellectual understanding. From the standpoint of the Unborn, intellectual understanding too is empty speculation, so you can’t say such a person has conclusively realized the Unborn. When you come right down to it, this kind of approach is worthless. Even if you teach others about the Unborn, they won’t realize it. read more

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