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(28) Thunder on a Drop of Rain

Every generation is doomed to fight its own ignorance; suffer the loss of the same old illusions and learn the same old lessons on its own. Ignorance can only be concealed, by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by ignorance. To lie to yourself or to others is to divide the incoming light of the absolute into two or more, thus obstructing thyself from the healing light of the one and undivided. Thus, it is the duty, of a noble awakened one, not to be on the side of such ignorance Read more [...]

Tozen: The great mystery of the everlasting

The great mystery of the everlasting What is everlasting is healing to the soul. Nothing made by sentient beings or offered by sentient beings, has an everlasting value. Pursuing, what is not everlasting, is a cause to great suffering. The mind seeking the everlasting, should turn completely into itself as One and not two. It is after all its birthright which no-one, Demon or god can claim. If this happens for even a split second, there is the samadhic bliss of right view. In Read more [...]

A Story about Reiki

I once wrote a blog-post here entitled, “A Healing Balm”, wherein I described my agonizing experience of recovering from spinal-cord surgery. I would like to further add to that unhappy chapter by sharing a further story about that time which carries a word of caution. During those agonizing weeks of recovery there would occur literally every evening, approximately at 9:30PM, a very severe pounding-like pain that coursed through my upper torso resulting in excruciating pain—it was like Read more [...]