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New Book on Ch’an

A new book on Ch’an was released back in September: China Root: Taoism, Ch’an, and Original Zen, by David Hinton. A reader’s note from the book states: read more

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Letter from reader

Have posted this letter from one of our readers that may bear great interest to others.

From: M. Martin
Subject: Bankei read more

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Nestled in Quietude

Contemplative Quietude is the best catalyst for growth in the Recollective Resolve of the spiritual life in the Unborn. Indeed, it is that Recollection itself, fully awake and aware of its vibrant Self-expression. It is the very pinnacle of illuminative wonderment and ecstatic-joy. It is the very vivifying realization that every breath we take ensues as a direct and prior and abundantly imageless and transcendent Sourcehood. Contemplative Quietude is therefore the Absolute Awareness of the Reality hidden in the very depths of that Source of Mind. It is privy to the gnosis behind this Selfhood, obscure to the carnal mind but with an Absolute Certitude that transcends the reasoning faculties and even guileless faith itself. Yea, it is an extraordinary depth of Self that bears a gnosis too profound to ever be grasped in images or shallow concepts. read more

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Heroic Asceticism

We have discussed in these many blogs that measured asceticism is a prerequisite for mystic life, indeed it is needed to develop a singular association with the Spirit of life itself. Mircea Eliade defines asceticism in the following manner: read more

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Pseudo Mysticism

Truth be told, there is no mysticism in politics. Todays in vogue catch phrases have ushered in a new elitism, a political class that values “identity” above all else; within this so-called identity only some lives matter, even within their own closed circles certain types matter while others are relegated to the back of the bus. This tendency is also viciously anti-intellectual. It only induces quick satisfaction that immolates intelligence. The outcome is sacrificing one’s spirit and soul over into the hands of blind force, one that promotes emotion over and above rational thought patterns. Indeed, its response to any intellectual argument is a program of systemic violence that advocates the destruction of books, the suppression of education (at all levels) and the take-down of learned intelligentsia. Yea, anything beyond its limited and twisted purview is regarded with suspicion. read more

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The Light in the Darkness

The authentic Spiritual Life can best be portrayed as a journey from the darkness encased in phenomena to Light, and then from that light to darkness. It’s a major alteration from a light which is darkness to a Luminous Light which is hidden in darkness. The mind needs to shut itself off and turn to that Luminous Wonder that is a host to invisible realities that the Mystic Mind alone can discharge. read more

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The School of the Spirit

All mundane desires are shadows in the diseased fancies of man. The crazed rush after these illusive mad dreams of false happiness only leads to the awaiting charnel house of unfulfillment. Why do these carnal worldlings linger in this substanceless affair? Because the quest itself has become the substitute for quiescence in the Unborn. Unable to rest in IT, endless discontent reigns supreme at the expense of the only True Reality. read more

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