Pseudo Mysticism

Truth be told, there is no mysticism in politics. Todays in vogue catch phrases have ushered in a new elitism, a political class that values “identity” above all else; within this so-called identity only some lives matter, even within their own closed circles certain types matter while others are relegated to the back of the bus. This tendency is also viciously anti-intellectual. It only induces quick satisfaction that immolates intelligence. The outcome is sacrificing one’s spirit and soul over into the hands of blind force, one that promotes emotion over and above rational thought patterns. Indeed, its response to any intellectual argument is a program of systemic violence that advocates the destruction of books, the suppression of education (at all levels) and the take-down of learned intelligentsia. Yea, anything beyond its limited and twisted purview is regarded with suspicion.

Mysticism also has nothing to do with overt occultism, such as new-age fads or the more historical wings such as Theosophy which is more or less a weak popularization of oriental religions. Such confused amalgams of spiritualism and theosophy have also given birth to even darker occult circles where Satanism and more radical forms of witchcraft have opened-up dark portals, in effect releasing malignant entities upon an unsuspecting populace.

It also needs to be emphasized, as it has in past blogs, that today there are many so-called Dark Nights of the Soul, but only one in league with John of the Cross which leads to purification of spirit; other pseudo-forms are nothing more than just catch-phrases that have nothing to do with mysticism but instead a lot of self-help mumbo-jumbo claiming to cure all forms of contemporary-angst.  Again, True Contemplation has nothing to do with passing illusive imagery, but an experience of immediate spiritual union with the Source of all Being. As a matter of course, no spiritual agency other than the Unborn Spirit can awaken the divine spark that Recollects proper affinity with Absolute Self-hood.

Furthermore, nothing could be more adverse to authentic contemplation and mysticism than the cogito ergo sum of Descartes: “I think, therefore I am.” What this amounts to is nothing more than the assertion of an alienated being—estranged from his own Selfhood. A poor retched soul seeking solace in some construct of his own apparent existence. The absolute reduction of man to a feeble concept. How unfortunate, because this creates a major obstacle in the path of Noble Self-realization. In effect, shutting the door to the Absolute Mystery of his own Beingness. Contemplation does not open itself to Reality after a process of deduction, but only by an intuitive awakening in the very depths of the Unborn Mind Itself.

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