Monastery of the Mind

You make reference on your homepage that this is a “little electronic refuge and monastery”…How is this so? Usually when one envisions what a monastery is like images of majestic structures come to mind, such as La Grande Chartreuse Carthusian Monastery located in the Chartreuse Mountains of France… Something big and impressive meant to uplift the senses to heights of spiritual grandeur. Yet more intimately-adequate is the one we offer here at Unborn Mind Zen, wherein one is Read more [...]
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Show Me Your Sin

Your teachings neglect to speak of the nature of sin. We all have sin you know, we’re all sinners. Oh, is that so? Show me your sin, bring it to me. That’s ridiculous, sin is always an internal thing, an internal motivator that brings about disastrous outcomes. The choice you make with your internal or external attachments all stem from ignorance, not some objective motivator. If you give top priority to the Unborn there’s no birth or death and even sin. Nonsense! You know from Read more [...]
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Who’s Controlling the Transmission?

What have you to say concerning those who are adverse to the teachings? In this late-era dharma-ending age it’s not surprising that there are those who may encounter these teachings and will shake their heads in wonder about all this Unborn Mind business. They rely exclusively upon immediate sense impressions that are compilations of a skhandic induced naivety; it is little wonder that such a worldling can begin to fathom even a first glimpse into the nature of this true vehicle of salvific Read more [...]
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Stuck in Karmadhatu

In reference to the Bodhichild last time we met, what will happen to me once it’s activated? One may perhaps ask what’s supposed to happen to “my personality”, once the Bodhichild takes precedence over former attachments and desires. In actuality nothing is supposed to happen. There is no sudden Big Mind transformation that supersedes and eliminates one’s former way of addressing the world, i.e. through one’s “little mind”. Big versus little is merely another discriminatory Read more [...]
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Out of Consciousness

Why do you always cast consciousness in a negative light? The state of the body consciousness is not synonymous with the Unborn; the Unborn is prior to it and in no way, shape, or form, resembles a state. Consciousness pertains to existence and existence is a reflection of consciousness. In this mode, existence is the superimposition of consciousness upon the Unborn... So what in fact does consciousness even do? In ejaculatory fashion, consciousness sprays itself all over the field of Read more [...]
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Beyond the Gunas

In your series on the Unborn Bhagavad Gita you cover the significance of the gunas. Would you care to further expound upon their nature; should I be concerned with them? You may recollect that the series expounded upon their governing agency—prakriti. Prakriti and its highest principle were also covered in our series on the Yogasūtras of Patañjali as the “the full spectrum and fundamental (natural) matter of Mind materialization.” Everything originates out of it; in this respect the Read more [...]
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The True-Self Absolute

What's the best way to approach the Unborn Mind teachings? You will ultimately need to jettison all-fixed traditions, ideas, and formalized modes of behavior. They will only weigh-down the Mind with needless clutter that distract from your only true resolve and that is recollecting your True-Self. What do you mean by this Self? I thought Buddhism rejected this nonsense long ago. The true nonsense is being ignorant on this matter. The Buddha never rejected the Absolute Self, but only Read more [...]
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You Are a Tiny Spiritual Grain of Sand

Being a series of Unborn Mind Sessions What is the nature of my existence? That which asks the question has no formalized existence, nor do you. Here in Unborn Mind Zen we teach that it’s all a matter of Right Buddha Nature...This is in reference to svabhāva, or the intrinsic self-nature of the Unborn. It needs to be underscored that this is exclusively reserved for the Absolute, for *things in the phenomenal* worlds exist only conventionally and lack the Intrinsic-Self of the Unborn. So Read more [...]
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Summer of the Void

We have just completed our summer series on Voidness and all things Void. The methodology employed has been a systematic one incorporating Doctrinal, Hermeneutical, Exegetical, Spiritual, Experiential and Transcendental disciplines. You’d be hard-pressed to find any other comprehensive approach to the subject matter anywhere else on the internet. Our most recent segment, The Experience of No-self (and related sequential blogs), conjoined the experiential and transcendental components in the Read more [...]
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What’s in a Smile?

Few people would be able to survive intact the nature of the no-self experience that thrust Bernadette Roberts into the very core of Voidness Itself. Even those who are seasoned contemplatives and who have progressed from the torturous Dark Night of the Spirit into the peaceful unified whole of the divine embrace would not be able to withstand the form of assault that afflicted Bernadette on her path beyond self-discovery into something new and terrifying, but ultimately rewarding and liberating. Read more [...]
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