The Great Pervasion

For an added appraisal of our initial post in this series, Livia Kohn defines Zuowang thusly: Zuowang 坐忘, “sitting in oblivion,” signifies a state of deep meditative absorption and mystical oneness, during which all sensory and conscious faculties are overcome and which is the base point for attaining Dao. I translate wang as “oblivion” and “oblivious” rather than “forgetting” or “forgetful” because the connotation of “forget” in English is that one should remember Read more [...]
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Zuowang is a very rich Daoist term which will be our focus for this new series. Zuowang:Sitting in oblivion. In later Daoism a technical term used to describe a state of deep trance or intense absorption, the notion of zuowang occurs first in the Zhuangzi, with the classical passage found in ch. 6: “I smash up my limbs and body, drive out perception and intellect, cast off form, do away with understanding, and make myself identical with the Great Thoroughfare”. The idea here as well as in Read more [...]
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A Major Arcanum of the Unborn

The Dāsbodh in Light of the Unborn is now completed. Chapter One with its eight Sub-Chapters in the original work constitute the outline that was further embellished in the ensuing chapters by highlighting the experiential inter-dynamics of the main variables involved with Hindu teachings. For our purposes this main chapter is all that’s required:  That mystical number of 22 pages has occurred in other blog-series reflecting a Major Arcanum of the Unborn—principles that support an Unborn Read more [...]
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Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 8 When utilized prudently corporeality can be a blessed state. Especially when it’s used as a vehicle that pursues the Absolute Truth. With the help of corporeality devotion of the Unborn is best conferred when the mechanism of detachment leads to Right Contemplation in ascetic settings. There are those who can experience remarkable siddhis in light of Right Devotion and obeisance to the Dharmadhatu. Such as: levitation, bilocation, telepathy, precognition Read more [...]
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Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 7 Now, let us give ultimate praise to Truth Supreme (Paramartha) that is in the best interest of aspiring adepts. Out of all the Absolute Yogas, this is the pinnacle of them all that ushers in Liberation. In effect, it is easy to grasp, yet is extremely problematic for the worldlings (puthujjanas) since they have no association with the virtuous Shining Ones. It is manifested in all places, yet remains unperceived. It is indifferent to defiled dharmatas, yet Read more [...]
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Prodigious Poets

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 6 Now, let us bow to those Prodigious Poets who can be likened to the gods in their mastery of verse and speech. They are Supreme Lords of the Vedas incarnate. Their abode is the palace of Shri Saraswati, the goddess of speech and learning; their very essence is embodied in the many diverse arts and they are the veritable dwelling place of words. They are bejeweled with the command of language whose words highlight the Unborn Lord of the galaxies. Due to their Read more [...]
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The Listeners

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 5 Now, let us bow in reverence to the Listeners of the Buddhadharma consisting of Maha-Bodhisattvas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Nagas, Devas, Asuras, Mahasiddhas, Dharma-Masters and Learned Teachers, Monks, Great Munis, Renunciates—all who are Truthful in word and deed and thus Spirit. Some reflect Great Oceans of Purity, others house within themselves abundant storehouses of unparalleled Buddha-gnosis—Great Diamond Minds aligning the shores of Noble Wisdom and Read more [...]
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The Shining Ones

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 4 Now, Praise and Salutations to The Shining Ones. Theirs is the dominion of the Spiritual Life. Through their magnanimous efforts hidden Buddha-gnosis is revealed to those who are worthy to receive it. Maintaining spiritual union with them incurs many auspicious rewards. The Pinnacle of THATNESS is hard to reach and near impossible to grasp; yet in their august company IT becomes Self-realized. The Dharmadhatu is everywhere present although it is unattainable Read more [...]
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In Praise of the Spiritual Advocates

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 3 Now, Admiration and Salutations to the True Advocates—the Primordial Ones, the Satgurus, the Ineffable Ones who cannot be fully described. They are the True Spiritual Imageless Ones where illusion dare not attempt to intercept. In terms of their magnitude they are beyond my feeble comprehension. The knowledge of the Vedas becomes inadequate declaring, "Not this, not this" (Neti, neti), how then can the foolish ones even begin to address Them? You Are as Read more [...]
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In Praise of Lord Ganesha

Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 2 Om! Praise and salutations to Lord Ganesha. You are the Mighty One of Right Perception and Mindful Intellect. You bestow fruits of success and spiritual undertakings. You destroy all ignorance and habits of delusion. Abide within me continually and crown me with your Divine Intellect. Instill Right Speech in my woeful deficiency thereby empowering me to always articulate your abundant compassion and blessings. With the abiding support of your blessings the Read more [...]
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