Buddhist aliens predict in 2019 that World War III will start by 2022

*** This article is for entertainment purposes only Many people pay attention to the predictions of psychics – at least at the beginning of a new year and whether the psychics have been accurate in the past or not. Perhaps it’s time to start listening to the predictions of Buddhist extraterrestrials communicating with humans on a mountain in Thailand. Why? Back in 2019, they predicted that World War III will start by 2022. Did they say anything about how it will end? In August 2019, Read more [...]
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Treasury of the Eye of True Teaching

From Tozen: Found this good book "Treasury of the Eye of True Teaching [volume I+II]" by Thomas Cleary which was his last work before his death in June 2021.I think it would do well in your Library. Dahui was a great Mind who greatly influenced Hakuin in Japan, both being Masters of the Linji (Rinzai) Tradition. The volumes are now available in our library Read more [...]
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Artwork by Tim Verhoeven Metempsychosis is an early philosophical term referring to the transmigration of the soul, explicitly its reincarnation after death. Derived from Greek philosophy it is an earlier indicator that some separate ontological being transmigrates lifetime after lifetime. Theistic religions insist that there exists an individual substantial entity that constitutes the groundwork for all “personal experiences” that speculates on the continuation of said sentient being at the Read more [...]
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Levels of Mind

Great Medicine asked the Buddha, "How does the consciousness take on the form of a god or a hell-dweller?" The Buddha replied to Great Medicine, "The consciousness has subtle vision regarding the element of dharmas. This subtle vision does not depend on the physical eye in order to see. When this subtle vision encounters a blissful realm and sees pleasures and merry-making in celestial palaces, the consciousness becomes delighted and attached to them, thinking, 'I shall go there. ‘This thought Read more [...]
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At that time, Prince Great Medicine rose from his seat in the assembly, joined his palms, and asked the Buddha, "World-Honored One, what form does the consciousness take after leaving the dead body'" The Buddha answered, “Marvelous, marvelous! Great Medicine, what you now ask concerns the great, profound state of the Buddha. No one except the Tathagata can understand it." At this, Wise Protector said to the Buddha, "The question raised by Prince Great Medicine is indeed profound. It shows Read more [...]
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The Knowing Factor

"Just as a silkworm makes a cocoon in which to wrap itself and then leaves the cocoon behind, so consciousness produces a body to envelop itself and then leaves that body to undergo other karmic results [ in a new body]. "Because there is a seed, there are the color, fragrance, and flavor [of a plant]. [Similarly,] after the consciousness leaves the body, the sense-organs, sense objects, feeling, and the element of dharmas go wherever the consciousness goes. “Where there is a wish-fulfilling Read more [...]
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Wise Protector asked the Buddha, "World-Honored One, how do wholesome and unwholesome dharmas control the consciousness?" The Buddha answered, "Wise Protector, as an illustration, a piece of precious crystal looks white or black according to whether it is put in a white or black place. Similarly, when the consciousness leaves the dead body to be reincarnated and undergo different karmic results, it will become virtuous or non-virtuous according to whether it is controlled by wholesome or unwholesome Read more [...]
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The Puppeteer

"Wise Protector, a wooden puppet strung up somewhere can give a variety of performances, such as walking, prancing, jumping, throwing, playing, and dancing. What do you think? By whose power can the wooden puppet do so?" Wise Protector said to the Buddha, "I am not intelligent enough to know the answer.” The Buddha told Wise Protector, "You should know that it is by the power of the puppeteer. The puppeteer is out of sight; only the operation of his intelligence can be seen. Similarly, Read more [...]
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At that time, Wise Protector, a youth, joined his palms respectfully, bowed down with his head at the Buddha's feet, and said to him, "World-Honored One, you always take pity on all sentient beings and hold them in your embrace and protection. I wish to ask a few questions. May the World-Honored One grant me permission.” The Buddha said to Wise Protector, "Your request is granted. You may present your doubts and I will answer them with detailed explanations.” The Luminous One's response Read more [...]
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The Elucidation of Consciousness

After seven years we now return again to our series based on the large compendium of the Māhāratnakūṭa Sutra. Subjects previously covered have been Akṣhobhya’s Pure Land, Mañjuśrī Teaches Prajñāpāramita, and The True Lion’s Roar of Queen Śrīmālā. Our present one is The Elucidation of Consciousness. Readers will find that the consciousness discussed in this sutra is in many ways similar to the Yogacara idea of the store consciousness (alaya vijnana). It is our belief that Read more [...]
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