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The Soul: Epilogue

This concludes our compendium series on the nature of the soul. It covered sundry religious and philosophical motifs ranging from ancient Greek to present-day quantum soul realizations. The one salient theme or thread woven throughout is the principium of the … Continue reading

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The Lanka and the no-soul

In order to have the best overall comprehension of Unborn Mind Zen’s notion of a soul, one first needs to turn to the best foundational source, the Lankavatara Sutra. As we do so keep in mind this question: Does a … Continue reading

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The Quantum Factor

The narrative for a Quantum-Soul Factor begins with what are known as NDE/OBEs, or after-death experiences. The notion that conscious activity exists after death has been deeply engrained into the psyche of both Eastern and Western religions throughout the millennium. … Continue reading

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Dignāga and Anātman

For the Buddhist segment in our series we need to turn to the general father of Buddhist epistemology, and additionally the doctrine of the No-Soul (Self). Dignāga (480-540 CE) was a profound Buddhist scholar and logistician and elucidates in his … Continue reading

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Chinese-Taoist Soul Structures

Chinese philosophy did not have a dichotomy between spirit or matter, or soul and body as we witnessed in our Greek-thought portions of our series. They are perfectly merged in the Principle of the Yin-Yang constructions. Soul=灵魂 líng hún Ling … Continue reading

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Advaita Vedanta & the Self

We are now entering into more familiar ground with less emphasis on soul extensions as Advaita Vedanta places them as secondary to the all-encompassing and Cosmic notion of the Self. The Self is synonymous with Ātman or the Absolute Parabrahman. … Continue reading

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