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Coming in October: Wordsworth and Zen

No other Romantic-Poet of the 19th century has touched and influenced my very beingness than the poetry of William Wordsworth (1770-1850). I distinctly remember with great-recall my first introduction to English Romanticism in 1978 during a college-class when the Professor, … Continue reading

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Omniscient Gnosis

Bodhicitta is directly translated as Enlightened-Mind (or Enlightened Consciousness) but also as the Bodhisattva being ready for the next step and that is the “production of the Thought of Enlightenment.” Suzuki identifies it as being Bodhi itself, or as Lankavatarians … Continue reading

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Carriers of the Seed

An excellent composite study of Bodhicitta as well as all things Bodhisattva is The Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhist Sanskrit Literature, by Har Dayal circa 1932. For myself it has become the bible regarding such subject matter. What I treasure most … Continue reading

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The Cult of Compassion

Bodhicitta is a misused and abused term in our dark age. It has become stripped-down to a mere puddle of mediocrity in the hands of those “do-gooders” who paint the world according to their own misguided assessment and faulty utilization … Continue reading

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Join Us…

The Ultimatum of Klaatu’caricature by Javier Martin The two dynamics that invariably need to be borne in mind when considering Bodhisattvas are awakening and transforming. Once awakening, the Bodhisattva immediately sets out to transform the life of sentient beings so … Continue reading

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