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Śāriputra’s Persistence

At that time it occurred to the great assembly of twelve hundred śrāvakas, arhats free from corruption, beginning with Ājnāta kauṇḍinya, and the other monks, nuns, laymen, and laywomen who had set out to become śrāvakas and pratyekabuddhas: “Why has the Bhagavat just now so earnestly praised skillful means? For what reason has he declared that the Dharma that the buddhas have attained is very profound and difficult to understand? Why has he said that their intention in adapting their Read more [...]

(41) An Alien Spirit

For those who worship the infinite creations of obstructed, alien spirits, there can only be suffering [pain, alienation, depression and despair]. Authentic Spirit is un-born, un-created, un-conceived and cannot be found in this world-realm or any other, nor can it be found within this very body or (ego)-mind that you cultivate, uphold and defend with such passion. Un-obstructed communication with Spirit is of outmost importance. For who knows your pain, in this existence, better Read more [...]

Expedient Revelations

“O Śāriputra! After attaining buddhahood I expounded the teaching extensively with various explanations and illustrations, and with skillful means (upāya) led sentient beings to rid themselves of their attachments. Why is this? Because all the Tathāgatas have attained perfect mastery of skillful means, wisdom, and insight. “O Śāriputra! The wisdom and insight of the Tathāgatas is extensive, profound, immeasurable, and unhindered. They are possessed of power, fearlessness, meditation, Read more [...]

(40) I Am Always There

This I can say about me: That I am always there, for you My name cannot be found by your blinded mind And yet you persist to give me so many Calling it religion If you do not discover me during that which you call life As I unfold my full eternal glory before you Even, right there, at your last breath, a sad moment referred as death Still to others it is joy It depends, I guess on me… And the only thing you get is just a quickie No more, no less… Perfectly Read more [...]

Mañjuśrī’s Monology

Both Maitreya and Mañjuśrī give wonderful monologues, both in prose and gatha (poetic) form, respectively asking and responding as to the nature of the Buddha’s Illumination. Portions from Mañjuśrī’s Monologue in prose form are as follows: Thereupon Manjuśrī spoke to Bodhisattva Mahāsattva Maitreya and the other worthy beings: “O sons of a virtuous family! I am very sure that the Buddha, the Bhagavat, will now teach the great Dharma, rain down the great Dharma, blow the conch Read more [...]

(39) The Cellar

The cellar may be an exciting thing to visit, but if the door behind you slams with a bang, it is best to have a strong lamp at hand if you desire any further safe direction. The other choice is to stay in the darkness and spend time making distinctions on apparent sounds and forms in that dim light of the artificial. The danger lies in that any deep habit or obsession may make your real self slowly forget the way back leading out into the daylight of its true abode. Even deeper Read more [...]


At that time the Bhagavat was respectfully surrounded by the fourfold assembly (i.e., monks, nuns, laymen, laywomen), paid homage, honored, and praised. He then taught the bodhisattvas the Mahayana sutra called Immeasurable Meanings (Mahānirdeśa), the instruction for the bodhisattvas and the treasured lore of the buddhas. After having taught this sutra, the Buddha sat cross-legged, entered the samādhi called the “abode of immeasurable meanings” (ananta-nirdeśa-pratiṣṭhāna) and remained Read more [...]

The remedy for a self-ignorant Mind

The roadblocks set up by your own mind are just you, lacking right knowledge of your own Mind. Specifically its uncreated substance with its myriad functions, and hence ability, that produces incalculable positions within an arised field of consciousness, when any condition of becoming is ripe. The most suitable remedy for such a lack of gnosis is to spend a certain amount of singular-time with your true Mind as purely Unborn. This through means of proper Pi-Kuan [1]. Biological formalities, Read more [...]

An Auspicious Gathering

Thus have I heard. Once the Buddha was staying in the city of Rājagṛha, on the mountain called Gṛdhrakūṭa, together with a great assembly of twelve thousand monks, all of whom were arhats whose corruption was at an end, who were free from the confusion of desire, who had achieved their own goals, shattered the bonds of existence, and attained complete mental discipline. Their names were Ājnātakauṇḍinya, Mahākāśyapa, Uruvilvakāśyapa, Gayākāśyapa, Nadīkāśyapa, Śāriputra, Read more [...]

(38) Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time you were this tiny child With a big smile and a radiant heart Death, was unknown and never a painful thought Happiness, was unknown and never even sought. In all your glory, you and nothing else Was Shining through That tiny body of yours And still while everything had its natural cause There never were any worries, hate or love... Only instant movements and expressions Of an immortal spirit Simply being itself in every moment Of this seemingly Read more [...]