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The Dolmen

This present series, Beyond the Rainbow Body, can also serve as a metaphor for going beyond all that is perceivable and demonstrable. When one contemplates this metaphor it becomes an absolute assurance that always remaining within the confining categories of the known and verifiable can be a most limiting enterprise. The realization will eventually dawn that it is the unknown and the unlimited-depths of dark spacelessness within the Void that, like “Dark Matter”, is the Real Imageless Substance Read more [...]

The Abyss

29. The Abyss Akshobhya Submerged Abyss upon abyss—inevitable ruin! All about you is sucking-you-in but the trick is to not resist the overpowering current by going with the tide and upholding yourself with unwavering virtue. Continue to conduct yourself as a Noble Light Warrior by abandoning emotional overflow and keeping true to Right Engagement that will always set matters calm again. While there apparently is no immediate solution to the predicament uphold yourself above Read more [...]

(41) An Alien Spirit

For those who worship the infinite creations of obstructed, alien spirits, there can only be suffering [pain, alienation, depression and despair]. Authentic Spirit is un-born, un-created, un-conceived and cannot be found in this world-realm or any other, nor can it be found within this very body or (ego)-mind that you cultivate, uphold and defend with such passion. Un-obstructed communication with Spirit is of outmost importance. For who knows your pain, in this existence, better Read more [...]

Choosing the right path out of spiritual confusion and misfortune

  To a mind divided and blinded by the dissonant vibrations of doubt, fear and uncertainty it is very hard to see and choose the right path to salvation.  One should never forget that ultimately it is the illuminative knowledge acquired in right concentration, Samadhi, that paves the way which brings forth the light that leads to final salvation.  In Samadhi, the Mind is in a super-concentrated state of self-introspection, which is a purely spiritual activity where the Mind, now completely Read more [...]

No More Light, No More Darkness…

No-thing is anywhere to be found; No-thing has the power to Recollect. The Darkness of the Void is Lucid and Bright. No dark stain of corporeity soils the Luminous Mind. IT is not a realm of constricted cognition; Yea, not a Realm of narrow-reason, emotion and spoiled imagination. In the Kingdom of True Suchness, Tathata, Where are the traces of light or darkness? No-thing-ness can withstand the awesome Translucent Light of the Unborn. Only the Dharmakayic-Spirit of Suchness Read more [...]

(26) Mind Games

Your mind is sleeping in light, dreaming of shadows in a great cave of playful games. Why don’t you wake up? The price of enlightenment is the death of all dreams, for where the great sun arises to its apex, there is no room for old habits in the darkness of uncertainty. There is only light and the happiness it brings to the one awake and beyond reach of the great deceiver. The Mind is the source; beside It there is no-thing. The Mind is everything yet it is not a thing or a Read more [...]

(17) Darkness

The times of great darkness and confusion have begun. These are times of great lies and misdirection. Many will step forth proclaiming various miracles and spiritual accomplishments from a deep and empty new age well. But all there will be is man’s rampant imagination and endless desires for something greater than his own true nature. These are times where the absence of reason will flood the world, as the understanding of the miraculous principle of the Buddha-Mind is nowhere Read more [...]


Muccalinda Sutta (Trans: Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu) I have heard that on one occasion, the Blessed One was staying at Uruvelā on the bank of the Nerañjarā River at the root of the Muccalinda tree, newly awakened. And on that occasion he sat for seven days in one session, sensitive to the bliss of release. And on that occasion a great, out-of-season storm-cloud rose up, with seven days of rainy weather, cold winds, & intense darkness. Then Muccalinda the nāga king—leaving his dwelling Read more [...]