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I love to watch the old sci-fi films from the 50’s and 60’s—centering on themes such as giant leeches, ants, spiders and locusts. They entertain to the hilt and thrill to open dark corners of the mind where these creatures … Continue reading

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He who fights with Monsters

quotographed.com Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the often misunderstood and misquoted philosophers of all time, yet his genius shines on in the great abyss of contemporary mediocrity. Towards the end the syphilis kicked in and he was driven to madness … Continue reading

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The Abyss

29. The Abyss Akshobhya Submerged Abyss upon abyss—inevitable ruin! All about you is sucking-you-in but the trick is to not resist the overpowering current by going with the tide and upholding yourself with unwavering virtue. Continue to conduct yourself as … Continue reading

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