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Closing Reflection: Unborn I Ching

It’s interesting how the 36 hexagrams that comprise this singular I Ching system ends on a number that coincides with another number (45) constituting the whole of the Dragon Mind of Zen Tarot, in that when respectively broken down and added up equals the number 9. As mentioned in that also singular series, the Arcanum number 9 is assigned to the Hermit, or the one who seeks deep spiritual solitude. read more

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36. Progression

Ratnasambhava’s Radiance

The very Earth, Ratnasambhava’s footstool, is ablaze with an inner-vivacity radiating in all ten directions. The Noble One now reflects in his Self the glory of Primordial virtues. The time is ripe for advancing forward guided by Amitabha’s Eternal Flame of Discriminating Wisdom shimmering high above the hexagram. It is also a time to reflect just how far we have distanced ourselves from the darkness of inferior influences. One also recognizes that this progression was not self-induced, but far more a Divine Initiative that was emblazoned within the heart. read more

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The Darkening

35. The Darkening

Amitabha Subdued

The light has been extinguished and darkness reigns: Amitabha Subdued. Distressing forces surround you as if you are experiencing suffocation. Do not overreact to the darkening of the outside environment. There is a need to inwardly withdraw and assess the available options. What matters now is to direct attention to the True Inner Flame that is forever burning like an inextinguishable pilot light within the soul. read more

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The Power of the Great

34. The Power of the Great

Vairochana the Cosmic Buddha

Vairochana is the Cosmic Master, the Matrix of the Buddha Sun and is representative of the unobstructed field of the Dharmakaya. His greatness consists in upholding the Dharmakayic Element within man and his Dharmachakra-mudra keeps the great teaching wheel of the Buddhadharma in motion. The hexagram reveals that you have internalized his efficacious Dharma-strength through the contemplation of higher Primordial Principles. read more

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33. Obeisance

Amoghasiddhi Submissive

Paying homage to the Primordials is a propitious responsibility. Amoghasiddhi is submissive to Vairochana’s divine and Dharmatic Rule. Respect and allegiance to the Dark Principle latent within the soul is a lost art. Recover that art now and know the Buddhagnosis that is reserved for those few Noble Ones who have made their abode in the Sugatagarbha. Disengaging from all superfluous tasks and doing the one necessary thing is the beginning of Noble Wisdom. The one necessary thing is turning-about from all defiled garbha and laying your burden down at the feet of the Tathagatas. read more

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The Stilling

32. The Stilling

Amoghasiddhi at Rest

All is coming to a stop. It’s an opportunity to quieten all vexatious intoxications and to rest free and easy: Amoghasiddhi at Rest. Discern the proper posture that is right for you and enter into the stillness. Nothing exists but the Right Position that radiates the calm serenity of the Unborn. You ARE the stillness—stillness upon stillness—as with the hexagram depicting two mountains conjoined, Amoghasiddhi the still-one as his sacred mudra (Abhaya) issues a FULL STOP to all karmic activity. read more

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Prior to Culmination

31. Prior to Culmination

Akshobhya Regenerated

A time for reflective pause is in order. Vital energies need to be renewed before commencing on: Akshobhya Regenerated. While no goal is favorable now it is a time to carefully discern your options, hence the hexagram representing Amitabha with his Discriminating Wisdom at the top. This is a developmental stage of refining the Self with a crystalline awareness and hence a time of great inner-responsibility. read more

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30. Luminosity

Amitabha’s Luminous Hue

Amitabha’s Luminous Hue signifies that the Noble One’s persistence lights the Flame of Eternal Truth that radiates a billion-fold Dharma-field encompassing all dharmata. Clinging to Right Observance illuminates all thus highlighting inexhaustible spiritual principles enlightening the way to the best course of action under all circumstances. This is the good fortune of illumination that knows no bounds thus encompassing both inner and outer realms of conjunctional penetrations. read more

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The Abyss

29. The Abyss

Akshobhya Submerged

Abyss upon abyss—inevitable ruin! All about you is sucking-you-in but the trick is to not resist the overpowering current by going with the tide and upholding yourself with unwavering virtue. Continue to conduct yourself as a Noble Light Warrior by abandoning emotional overflow and keeping true to Right Engagement that will always set matters calm again. read more

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28. Resolution

Amitabha’s Hearthstone

You have arrived at a point of resolution in your affairs. It is time to take assessments and plan accordingly for the future. All is well and comfortable in the homestead: Amitabha’s Hearthstone. Right Persistence continues to be the rule of the day as one is called to foresee coming obstacles and take resolute action as the situation dictates. While all is well it is not the time to let your guard down as negative forces are still prowling about. read more

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