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An Arcanum of Intuition

As I continued my journey along the winding road, a breathtaking scene unfolded before my eyes. The once gloomy sky had transformed into a canvas of vibrant colors, as the heavy clouds gracefully dispersed, allowing the radiant sun to cast its golden rays upon the horizon. The road ahead seemed to glow with an ethereal luminosity, beckoning me to venture further. read more

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Technique #6: Spanda Ho

Question: I see that Shoden Session # 6 incorporates a Vedic-oriented term, Spanda…is this correct?

Vajragoni: Yes. The term is rooted in the ancient scriptures of Kashmir Saivism and represents the primordial principle that constitutes the “vibratory” nature of the universe; it is the very heartthrob of the Absolute Reality of the Source ITself. read more

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Technique #4: Yathabhutam Ho

Question: The Dhyana Technique in Shoden Session # 4 has a most unusual name…Yathabhutam Ho…what does this term mean? read more

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The Stilling

32. The Stilling

Amoghasiddhi at Rest

All is coming to a stop. It’s an opportunity to quieten all vexatious intoxications and to rest free and easy: Amoghasiddhi at Rest. Discern the proper posture that is right for you and enter into the stillness. Nothing exists but the Right Position that radiates the calm serenity of the Unborn. You ARE the stillness—stillness upon stillness—as with the hexagram depicting two mountains conjoined, Amoghasiddhi the still-one as his sacred mudra (Abhaya) issues a FULL STOP to all karmic activity. read more

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