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Crowd Control

It’s becoming increasingly evident that the individual is no longer relevant in the eyes of today’s increasingly sick society, rather if one speaks one’s mind then one is ostracized, even worst condemned, and shut-down in the eyes of the politically correct elite. The crowd hates and despises anyone who is not imitating the new status quo, which is a sickening and despicable descent into peer-pressure, second-rate carbon copies of each other, and a real decline of anything once even vaguely recognizable as an authentic character. It’s as if the former mad-houses of the past have opened its doors and the insane let loose to reign havoc while redefining the new-normal—this is the new institution and those calling the shots are the most decadent of all. This is our Brave New World. Suck-up or face the dire consequences. read more

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What Value Meditation?

  1. (Chapter II verse 8) Those who see the Muni so serene and beyond birth and death will be cleansed of attachment, stainless both in this world and in the other.

The Muni (Enlightened Sage) is not like others and never takes his cue from defiled dharmata. All karmic-ties have been severed and thus no longer confer imprisonment within the three-times. The skandhas no longer rule over him and thus he stands triumphant upon the crushed head of Mara. His domain is deathlessness itself—clear of all attachment and free to journey through countless Buddha-fields upon the Mind-Steed. read more

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September 23, 2017

Does today mark the beginning of the Apocalypse and the imminent arrival of the Rapture?  Legions of imminent doom videos on Youtube have painted the picture of today’s prophetic setting—they all point to an astrological constellation occurring today, September 23, 2017, that apparently matches what is written in the Book of Revelation 12:1-2 read more

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Technique #6: Spanda Ho

Question: I see that Shoden Session # 6 incorporates a Vedic-oriented term, Spanda…is this correct?

Vajragoni: Yes. The term is rooted in the ancient scriptures of Kashmir Saivism and represents the primordial principle that constitutes the “vibratory” nature of the universe; it is the very heartthrob of the Absolute Reality of the Source ITself. read more

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