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Bodhipower—yours to use or abuse

Left to its own devices mind is constantly on self-destruct alert. It is always living on the periphery of life, neglecting its absolute center which houses the antidote--the only means of avoiding that self-destruct button. The mind needs to re-code its priorities, today there is no other choice, either one reboots the mind-set or else global suicide will be the result. Bodhipower itself is neutral, it is either in the service of Self-awakening and transcendence or, by way of inversion, in the Read more [...]

The Primordials

The Primordials are spiritual benefactors who will never let you down and they will guard you in all your ways. They always have your back and are forever ready to intercede on behalf of the most diligent of adepts. Their source is an inner Yin-Dragon factor, That Primordial Dark Energy that sustains the entire cosmos, which is the very lifeblood of the Primordials themselves. Under their sacred tutelage the Primordials will make you vividly aware that spiritual growth is not the concern of some Read more [...]

Pleasurable Prajñāpāramitā

Pleasurable Prajñāpāramitā ushers-in a boundless Buddha-realm that is devoid of all contingent sentimentalities such as sentient beings who bake pies infused with discriminatory ingredients that never satisfies the oversaturated diet of superfluous notions like samsara or nirvana. Thus nothing is neither gained nor lost. The herald of such a no-nonsense realm is the Cittadhatu ennobled with the Element of Truth thus ending all habitual vicissitudes of a once diseased consciousness that labored Read more [...]

The Mystic Eye

Do you see the eye directly in the center of your forehead? If not, take note that It sees you and promises you entrance to the gateless gate of the Unborn Mind. As such you will never see it or know it’s there in an ordinary sense because It is the Primordial Eye of Noble Wisdom Itself. It's the eye of the Deathless Dharmakaya looking back upon Itself. But this watchful Dragon-Eye invites you to enter into the Imageless domain of the Shining Ones. It is only in this fashion that the scales Read more [...]

The Cosmic Pendulum

Uwe Bremer Swinging aimlessly in the desert of the mind, the Cosmic Pendulum continues to apparently pin-you down with its awful perpetual momentum--back and forth, back and forth. Such has been your imagined existence throughout the endless kalpas, caught between going back and forth into apparent existences--new faces and thrills but the same ol' swing mesmerizing you time and time again. Like a little bird with a broken wing there is no possibility of becoming free and taking flight. But Read more [...]

Birthing the Bodhichild

Within you is the Buddha-seed or gotra, which we refer here to as the Bodhichild. But this child cannot be birthed in a forced or worse yet, in an artificial manner. Its potentiality is already there, it just needs a little coaxing through proper nourishment via the Buddhadharma. It's there but you have been carrying it for so long that it may result in a still-birth. This is the direct cause of your inner-anguish, you sense something is there inside that wants to come out, that wants to be born, Read more [...]

Is the Unborn A Religion?

We would not want one to confuse Unborn Mind Zen with some form of new religion. Religion, at its heart, comes from the Latin, religare--meaning to be bound to. Much of the ongoing chaos in the world is directly tied to religion. Especially when people are indeed so “bound to it” that they lose all sense of responsible reason. Many continue to be slaughtered all in the name of religion, something that has been ongoing since time immemorial. And without realizing it, people are slaughtering Read more [...]

Crowd Control

It's becoming increasingly evident that the individual is no longer relevant in the eyes of today's increasingly sick society, rather if one speaks one's mind then one is ostracized, even worst condemned, and shut-down in the eyes of the politically correct elite. The crowd hates and despises anyone who is not imitating the new status quo, which is a sickening and despicable descent into peer-pressure, second-rate carbon copies of each other, and a real decline of anything once even vaguely recognizable Read more [...]

Going inwards you will meet a Zero

The familiar phrase, going-inwards, does not imply that someone will be waiting for you there in the center of your being. In point of fact, continuing to melt into the direct center of your being will usher in a new awareness and un-identity—because there is no longer any facet of "you-ness" that awaits, ding-dong the ego is dead and evaporates away into abject nothingness. This does not mean that you become "nothingness", only that your former structured format that was comprised of the five-skandhas Read more [...]

He who fights with Monsters Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the often misunderstood and misquoted philosophers of all time, yet his genius shines on in the great abyss of contemporary mediocrity. Towards the end the syphilis kicked in and he was driven to madness but the testament he left behind will continue to be a bright beacon beckoning those few souls who desire to rise above the ignorant wasteland of the human malaise. One particular statement stands most vividly in mind: “He who fights with monsters Read more [...]