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Audiobook is released

The Unborn Odyssey: A Novel, can now be enjoyed in audiobook format. The narration by Michael Hajiantonis, a talented voice actor, is truly exceptional. Michael’s portrayal of the characters is remarkably accurate and showcases his deep understanding of the text. His seamless transitions between characters are truly remarkable. Some samples: read more

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Authentic Inner Freedom

As the final embers of 2023 gently fade away, disappearing into the vast expanse of the new year’s dawn, and the icy grip of winter tightens its hold on the northern realms, a golden opportunity presents itself. It is a chance to step away from the chaotic extravagance that often accompanies the holiday season and instead embrace the serene tranquility that Winter Stillness bestows upon us. In this moment, solitude beckons, inviting us to explore its depths and discover its true essence. read more

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The True Meaning of the Word

The celebration of the Incarnation, a significant feast in Christianity, brings to light the early infancy stories found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. These narratives center around the birth of the Christ-child, who is known as the Prince of Peace. Interestingly, there are striking parallels between these accounts and various spiritual traditions that span across centuries. One notable example is found in many Pagan motifs, such as the tale of the Egyptian Deity Horus, who was miraculously conceived by the virgin-Goddess Isis. To protect her child from harm, Isis sought refuge in a secluded place. This motif of a miraculous birth of a long-awaited Messiah can be found in numerous traditions. read more

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New Novel Publication

Our newest publication, The Unborn Odyssey: A Novel, is out now and is available for sale at Amazon: read more

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Aloneness and loneliness are two contrasting experiences that often get misunderstood. Loneliness is characterized by a deep yearning for companionship, a desperate cry for someone to be there to alleviate the feeling of emptiness. However, this longing is ultimately futile because even if someone is present, the cycle of loneliness can start anew if they were to leave. This is particularly evident in the lives of married couples, where the death of one spouse can leave the other feeling the unbearable absence of their love, questioning the purpose of life itself. read more

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New Autumn Publication

We are pleased to announce the release of a new autumn publication, The Yogasūtras of Patañjali: An Unborn Mind Translation and Commentary, a text rich in exploring the depths of Yogic principles and illuminated by the resplendent radiance of the Unborn. From the books preface: read more

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New Meditation Manual

Our Summer Publication is out now and offers a splendid format for your practice. From the preface:

This book of meditations is dedicated to our fine readership at Together over the years we have spiritually sojourned through the heights and the depths of the Buddhadharma—that great wordless teaching that is the full and unequivocal call to awaken, through the unparalleled aid of undivided awareness power (bodhi) to the True Nature of Mind as it is in Itself. This present text consists of excerpts from our various teaching blogs revolving around the Sutras, the Zen Masters themselves, and to a great degree what UnbornMind Zen has in common with the boundless Dzogchen teachings. The Noble Prajñāpāramitā is also here. Spending quality time with these reflections will alert you to the one thing necessary: turning-about from all inadequate phenomena and resting securely in the undivided embrace of the Unborn alone. Ours is a singular spiritual convention, dating back to the earliest adepts of the Lankavatara Sutra itself. In alignment with the Lanka we hold that by reason of the habit energy of erroneous discrimination and false reasoning that has been going on since beginningless time, mind has been duped and prevented from Recollecting the sole exit from this illusory and burning theatre: the Unborn Light of countless Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. By firm faith in the Buddhadharma whose Root Source is the Unborn Buddha Mind one’s transcendence is assured. Join us now and enter via these timeless meditations into the great depository of Noble Wisdom and the only journey worth taking—the journey of Self-awakening. The design of the 51-page coil-bound book is intended for meditation purposes and is color illustrated. A most handsome addition to your practice. read more

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New Publication

We are pleased to announce the publication of one of our series, The Cloud of Unknowing in Light of the Unborn, in paperback-pocket book edition. From the book’s foreword: read more

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Health Update and Upcoming Series

Dear friends,

I have 90% recovered from Covid and hope to make full recovery soon. Thank-you for all your prayers and support; my family has fully recovered. read more

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Hello, dear freinds

During the Christmas Holiday I contracted Covid at my brother’s house. His wife didn’t know that she had it and it was passed to the whole household. I’m feeling very weak and am not presently able to do any blogging. Wanted to let you know but I’m afraid it’s going to be some time before this horrible thing passes. read more

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