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Ecce Animum

Genuine religious practice in Buddhism, for example, the teaching of self-awakening, entails the recovery of a primordial spiritual state of perfection. A recollection of a buddhic body that is present beyond the distorting haze of the three times as purely such. Before, the bifurcation (division) of consciousness into subject and object. Thus avoiding a habitually regeneration of an artificial subject-object consciousness.  More known as the body consciousness (or, the deluding consciousness of desire, self-division and becoming). read more

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The Unmoving Principle

Today you are offered a new expression: the Unmoving Principle.
The unmoving principle is a derivative of Biguan, which meant “wall gazing” in ancient china. This mysterious and dark principle of the innermost power and nature of the true body and mind of the Buddha was metaphorically depicted in ancient china as Bodhidharma gazing at the wall. The meaning was not, like today’s modern zennists believe, to sit like a dunce and stare at the wall, attempting to seek peace of mind in silence…but more to meditate at the very undefiled and permanent nature of the unmoving principle (thus allowing the mind to unfold itself like a solid unmoving wall, yet lightning fast in all ten directions). This can be called the suprapositional nature of the Mind, e.g., it is never in itself positioned, composed, crystallized, but more the dynamo that empowers the illusion (animus) of the becomed, of the desired; that is, the moving. Thus we try to become more of the unmoving principle (the unborn) and lesser of the moving principle, (breath for example).
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The Mind is a Beautiful Thing

No ritual, no sound, no form, no prayer, no scripture, can ultimately free the mind from ignorance and suffering. Only the Unborn Mind recognizes its own becomings (divisions of self) and re-attunes to its true self nature, like an ocean swallowing its own waves. It is not for your present state of divided awareness power to ponder this paradox, but more to cease the resistance towards the truth body continuously striving to realign with itself. Without this act of complete surrendering to the noble wisdom of the supreme body (Buddha), nibanna cannot be known. read more

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The Creator

An earnest, true Lankavatarian adept of the Unborn Mind-school should recognize and be fully convinced that this triple world is nothing but a complex manifestation of one`s mental activities; that it is devoid of selfness and its belongings. That there are no strivings, no comings and no goings. In light of the Lanka, One should recognize and accept the fact that this triple world is manifested and imagined as real only under the influence of habit-energy that has been accumulated since the beginning-less past, by reason of memory, false-imagination, false-reasoning as well as attachments to the multiplicities of objects and reactions in close relationship and in conformity to ideas of body-property-and-its-master, the imaginary mind. read more

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The Dharma of the Unborn Buddha Mind

There is no greater enemy than one’s own desires, one’s own fears, one’s own pride and one’s own self-ignorance. Rich or utterly poor. Powerful or powerless. Insidious or good. Whatever the karma behind our present body consciousness is, we should never accept it nor become too complacent with its transient images that once invited to roam freely, will ultimately re-focus our Minds to deem this illustrious haze of half-truths and lies as real-self or part of self-actualization.  read more

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Springtime with Tozen

Every spring as the winter cold becomes a distant memory and everything about is brimming with life again, I like to take rides in the blossoming countryside. To accompany my reverie I always turn to the recordings of the Tozen teachings from our Bodhichild YouTube Channel, playing them from a memory stick implanted in my car’s dashboard. There’s a certain majesty about them, created back in the spring/summer of 2011 and originating from the teachings listed on the former Tozen Yahoo Group message board. These are archived now (*in our library) and measure in the thousands—from teachings, poems, interactions with students and even evolving insights from the students themselves. Riding along and listening to them brings new vitality to the spirit and even inspires new Buddhaic visions. This present series revisits those teachings and presents them in their original form, accompanied now with an exegesis of each invigorating lesson from the Mystic of the Unborn Buddha Mind himself. Enjoy the ride! read more

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