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The Bodhi-Dharma

Our rendition and exegesis of the Udāna begins with three parallel passages that concerns Dependent Co-Origination, both in “forward” and “reverse” order, i.e., in something occurring that affects another vs. refusing to engage the catalyst thus preventing and nullifying another consequential action. All of this, of course, has its import after the Buddha arises from his own Deep-Samadhi beneath the Bodhi-tree, or the “tree whose roots” first initiates the awakening of the first Read more [...]

LSD and Psychedelic Buddhism

GREEN BUDDHA Ed Paschke, 2000 The motivation behind presenting this series first occurred while doing research on Lama Anagarika Govinda and Dr.Timothy Francis Leary, contrasting their views on the potential of psychedelic drugs and whether or not they are beneficial or a direct hindrance to one’s meditation and general growth in the Buddhadharma. At the outset, some readers will most likely state that’s a ridiculous statement as most assuredly any incursions into the realm of psychedelia Read more [...]

The Great Equalizer

Twenty-three: The Great Equalizer “Furthermore, Subhuti, the dharma called Anuttara-Samyak-Sambodhi is at one with everything else. Nothing in it is at variance with anything else. That is why it is called perfect, unexcelled awakening. It is self-idential through the absence of an ego, a person, a being, or a living soul, and that is why it is fully known as the totality of all the wholesome dharmas. And yet, Subhuti, do dharmas have been taught by the Tathagata. Such is merely a name. Read more [...]

No-attainment Revisited

Twenty-two: No-attainment Revisited Subhūti said to the Buddha: "World Honored One. When the Tathagatas attain *peerless perfect enlightenment, is it the case that actually nothing is attained?" "Exactly right. Subhūti, as far as peerless perfect enlightenment is concerned, I have not attained the slightest thing. This is why it is called peerless perfect enlightenment." * Anuttara-Samyak-Sambodhi A reinforcement of section seven that the Tathagatas attain nothing; indeed, they Read more [...]

Subhuti Makes A Request

Two: Subhuti Makes a Request At that time the elder Subhuti arose from his seat in the assembly, uncovered his right shoulder, placed his right knee on the ground, put his palms together with respect and said to the Buddha, "How rare, Blessed One, exceedingly rare O’ Sugata, is the Tathagata who remembers and protects all Bodhisattvas and empowers them to be well-endowed with the Buddhadharma. Blessed One, if a good man, or good woman, resolves one’s heart on Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi, Read more [...]

The Long and Winding Road

As the Lanka winds-down, we are left with some very constructive impressions. Red Pine masterfully translates the great malady that affects all sentient beings—the diurnal wheel of samsara and its accompanying dependent origination: “Fools let their thoughts wander among the names and appearances of convention to which they are attached. And as they wander among the multitude of shapes that appear, they fall prey to views and longings concerning a self and what belongs to a self, and they Read more [...]