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By Me You Are

2. By Me You Are After that the [Supreme Source], the mind of complete purity, dwelt in what is called a contemplation (samadhi) of 'all things emerge from Her.' Mind Itself in Deep Contemplative-Samadhi recognizes that all things emerge from Self. Mind alone Recollects Mind. Deep looking upon Deep. Truly THE breakthrough in Mind’s Self-Recollection in the Unborn. Technically, in contemplation (samadhi), “the mind cannot be moved by the so-called eight winds: benefit and loss; fame Read more [...]


Image by Lori Gardi As long as there is something attained, there is so much error rising; when the Mind itself is thoroughly understood, error neither rises nor ceases. The perennial problem often with zen-adepts is that some form of objective needs to be met—something to strive after and thus something attainable. Mystically this is very faulty reasoning because there really is no-thing out there to be attained, it’s a form of objective fallacy. The great Hui Hai once put this to Read more [...]

Minus the Creator God

[Cleary]: Imagination, what is imagined, and imagination’s action, bondage, what is bound, and being bound—these six are reasons for liberation. The number 6 is most prominent in Buddhism, witness the six paramitas, the six realms of impermanence, and even six kinds of temperament (lustful, hateful, ignorant, discursive, devout, and intellectual). The Lanka here then strips down the faculty of imagination in five modes: the faculty itself, what images it produces, the resulting [action], Read more [...]

This is the destiny of most sentient minds…

Desire-Thought-Function. The creation of one enables the latter, ad-infinitum. From the first to the last and from the last back to the first. This is depicted in the image above showing the minds many, many ways and ability to manifest this process in its countless permutations, all of them without the slightest flaw, or mercy, prolonging the presence of Samsara and not Nirvana in the mind´s  own reality, the Dharmakaya. Hence where there is Dharmakaya, the mind sees and experiences Samsara Read more [...]

Is the Loch-Ness Monster a Naga?

Back in 2014 Britain’s first Lama, Lama Gelongmo Zangmo, created a media sensation when she proclaimed that Scotland’s good ol’ Nessie was in actuality a Naga, as found in both Hinduism and Buddhism. “Zangmo’s position as a Caucasian woman who has achieved the rank of lama is virtually unprecedented in Tibetan tradition. The adaptation of a local Tibetan practice works to situate her as an authentic participant within the sphere of Tibetan culture. In fact, by taming a local Read more [...]

Is there need for a teacher in Zen?

Oftentimes the question is asked, “Do I need a teacher in Zen?” Without going into some theoretical basis for this question, my own experience will be the foundation for hopefully providing some insight into this timely issue. My earliest exposures to Zen were through works like Thomas Merton’s, Zen and the Birds of Appetite, Zen Catholicism by Dom Aelred Graham, sundry titles from Alan Watts and other contemporary scholars and Zen sages. Then I came under the spell of Osho. I purchased Read more [...]

The untrapped Mind

The untrapped Mind is the Mind of Nirvana. Where defiled minds dwell in countless positions of their own making, the untrapped Mind remains free in the shining reality of its own uncreatedness. Any mind given to the most minute desire for resistance against its own true nature is prone to the endless formations of good and evil. Though the aforementioned are mere illusory positions of a snared mind, they still, though devoid of inherent power, use the power of the trapped mind to influence Read more [...]

Open your mouth

Open your mouth, utter a single syllable, type a single word and you merely are spreading the illusion of your own perception of what you believe, at any given moment, to be the equal or part of an absolute reality. There are no fixed ways, no methods whatsoever to perceive absolute reality except instantaneously allowing the mind to switch from its state of a composed and born consciousness to its natural state of Mind Only. This "switch" is in itself an illusion of an act seemingly taking place Read more [...]

The first thing ever expressed by an enlightened sage

The first thing ever expressed by an enlightened sage to any given student of the way is the wordless proof that "there is only Mind".  This is the very same dharma professed by all bodhisattvas maha bodhisattvas and Buddhas.Whatever more sentient beings might see, either by the appearance of words, various meanings via composed doctrines and other forms of literal conveyance, it all falls back on that first wordless truth of the Absolute, that is immaculate, permanent, unborn, Whatever more Read more [...]

The Karma Factor

            Amazing Art by Daniel Martin Diaz Being reborn in the hell-realms is based upon the degree of negative-karma to warrant such a rebirth. This karmic-principle is merciless and irrevocable. As the Dhammapada teaches, you are what you think, and what you think leads to actions and in so doing one can reap much bitter fruit if those actions are wrongfully-conceived and administered. This is not just limited to human beings but also to inhabitants of the god-realms as well. Yea, any Read more [...]
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