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The word soma stands for the corpse in Homer, and only later acquires the meaning of body. So the following verse is attributed to Euripides by Plato: “Who knows whether living is not being dead, while being dead is living?” Plato’s Socrates continues: “Perhaps we too are dead. I at least heard this from the wise men that now we are dead and that for us the body is a tomb” (soma estin hemin sema: Gorg. 492e-493a).In his Commentary on Plato’s Gorgias, Olympiodorus explains this as follows: read more

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Dark Night of the Unborn

Being a paraphrase of John’s Dark Night

In the Darkness of Night,
Enlightened with whisperings untold
-O’ Luminous Wonder-
Mind fled the charnel house unchecked,
My spirit at last cloaked in stillness. read more

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