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A Major Arcanum of the Unborn

The Dāsbodh in Light of the Unborn is now completed. Chapter One with its eight Sub-Chapters in the original work constitute the outline that was further embellished in the ensuing chapters by highlighting the experiential inter-dynamics of the main variables involved with Hindu teachings. For our purposes this main chapter is all that’s required:  That mystical number of 22 pages has occurred in other blog-series reflecting a Major Arcanum of the Unborn—principles that support an Unborn Mind adept’s progress and cultivation. read more

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Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 8

  • When utilized prudently corporeality can be a blessed state. Especially when it’s used as a vehicle that pursues the Absolute Truth.
  • With the help of corporeality devotion of the Unborn is best conferred when the mechanism of detachment leads to Right Contemplation in ascetic settings.
  • There are those who can experience remarkable siddhis in light of Right Devotion and obeisance to the Dharmadhatu. Such as: levitation, bilocation, telepathy, precognition and the self-inducement of the manomayakaya.
  • With the assistance of corporeality and sundry spiritual practices there are those who have breached the great Gateless Gate to Liberation.
  • Recollect that minus the incarnation of corporeality the possibility of becoming free from samsara will be in vain, just reincarnating again and again in lesser forms. Even the gods themselves must first achieve corporeality before they can become liberated from samsaric stock.
  • It is due to corporeality that some have become Maha-Bodhisattvas, ascetics and hermits, monks and great spiritual teachers, all quite content and detached in the fine art of Self-realization.
  • When corporeality is employed in Right Fashion it can serve as an instrument of leading others to the other shore of Deathless Suchness.
  • The Self makes use of corporeality like the hermit-crab makes use of its shell, up until the grand moment of release from mortal coils into the awaiting arms of the Lord of Unborn Light.
  • But beware, we live in an age where the true becomes false and the false becomes true. This weighs heavily on the corporeal frame until such time as spirit leaves the carnal nest into the heavenly heights and undivided splendor of the Unborn.
  • Left to its own accord devoid of the Self-realization of Noble Wisdom, the dead body of the sage becomes the food of carrion, maggots, worms and other foul vermin.
  • Many are already dead walking about like animated corpses wherein the freedom of the other shore is never realized.
  • Yea, one’s lifespan is brief, so utilize corporeality in Noble endeavors until anuttara samyak sambodhi.
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    Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 7

  • Now, let us give ultimate praise to Truth Supreme (Paramartha) that is in the best interest of aspiring adepts. Out of all the Absolute Yogas, this is the pinnacle of them all that ushers in Liberation.
  • In effect, it is easy to grasp, yet is extremely problematic for the worldlings (puthujjanas) since they have no association with the virtuous Shining Ones.
  • It is manifested in all places, yet remains unperceived. It is indifferent to defiled dharmatas, yet still retains Its imageless stature.
  • It is expansive like the boundless sky, but is only cognizant to Wise Yogis who have experienced Its concealed path. Others never come to the Self-realization of Its Noble Wisdom but remain veiled to Its Supernal Truth.
  • It is the Self-summation of Absolute Essence. Hence, It is permanent and never suffers from grievous loss or injury.
  • It has no fear of governing agencies, nor of rabid animals, hence any such connotation is eradicated by Its fearlessness.
  • The Absolute Stature of Parabrahman is motionless and immovable. It is the Unmoving Principle Itself and will always be AS SUCH until the very end of the fluctuating and decaying embers of time and space.
  • Such is Its Self-heritage deposited with no-thing arising nor ceasing. Forever motionless in the black hole of time.
  • Authoritative yogis in the past Self-realized Paramartha and referred to It as the Ultimate Gnosis Supreme.
  • The marvel of Paramartha is that once Self-realized, the marks of birth and death dissipate into definitive emancipation which liquefies with the nearness of THATNESS.
  • Illusions recede as one comes to Self-realize Parabrahman in the happy venture of masterful contemplation and enterprising Self-inquiry.
  • When one is established in Parabrahmanhood all self-doubt and troubling suspicions evaporate as creation itself is discarded as easily as rotting food.
  • Due to Paramartha, Brahma and other gods take comforting rest, and yogis become absorbed in Absolute Suchness.
  • Paramartha makes this life worthwhile. It is the way to salvation from the pains of samsara, and the Authentic Spiritual Life that brings salvific light to this decrepit and dying world-realm.
  • This Supreme Truth is the refuge of hermits. It is the very means of crossing over the troubled waters of samsara into the awaiting calm-harbor of parinirvana.
  • It is only through the immeasurable merit of countless lifetimes that the fortunate adept arrives at this Supreme moment in which Paramartha is directly engaged.
  • Know this! Those who are virtuous in mind and spirit are worthy to travail the salvific way of Paramartha. With devotion to all the Buddhas and Shining Ones this marvelous endeavor will forever be enriched
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    Prodigious Poets

    Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 6

  • Now, let us bow to those Prodigious Poets who can be likened to the gods in their mastery of verse and speech. They are Supreme Lords of the Vedas incarnate.
  • Their abode is the palace of Shri Saraswati, the goddess of speech and learning; their very essence is embodied in the many diverse arts and they are the veritable dwelling place of words.
  • They are bejeweled with the command of language whose words highlight the Unborn Lord of the galaxies. Due to their skillfulness in bringing home the ineffable, they are ordained as Prodigious Poets.
  • Oceanic in worded-stature they are the large lake of Bodhi-Pearls that breeds liberation of Mind and Spirit, and the vast reservoir of scholarly skill that is wonderfully endowed with seeds of Enlightenment.
  • They harbor great mindfields of spiritual-gnosis whose heavy-resolve is likened to the mythological stone, Chintamani, in the eradication of all worries of an anxious spirit; also like the milk from the wish-fulfilling cow (Kamadhenu) that flows downward to the awaiting audience.
  • They fully embody THAT which is the Sacred-Self beyond all worldly manifestations, thus drawing back the curtain on the secret gnosis of the yogis highlighting the Definitive Jnanic Truth.
  • They give sight to those who are blinded by illusion and renewed hope to the weary-minded.
  • They are the Upanishads personified and the Self-realization of Noble Wisdom in the semblance of the poet.
  • These poetic-ones bear the guardianship of all desirelessness in the fervent titivation of devotees and thus are the conservers of Authentic Religion.
  • They are the originators of spiritual methods and the blossoming fruit of all Right Efforts. Yea, all successful endeavors are fulfilled in listening to the words of these anointed ones.
  • Their poetic creations crown them as poet-laurates. They give birth to expressions in varying styles, measured-rhymic-meter, and produce the dissimilarities between prose and verse, in effect giving-birth to novel linguistic techniques.
  • Minus their Noble Efforts, the elevation of the spirit would never occur. Hence, they are supporting pillars of the universal order.
  • Their works are the storehouse of Universal Truths. It is by due-fortune that many are inspired to rise above their common heap.
  • Let us therefore offer respect and salutation to these Nobel personages that bring untold comfort and inspiration to untold numbers. I pay them high regards with all my limbs outstretched in devotion.
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    The Listeners

    Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 5

  • Now, let us bow in reverence to the Listeners of the Buddhadharma consisting of Maha-Bodhisattvas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Nagas, Devas, Asuras, Mahasiddhas, Dharma-Masters and Learned Teachers, Monks, Great Munis, Renunciates—all who are Truthful in word and deed and thus Spirit.
  • Some reflect Great Oceans of Purity, others house within themselves abundant storehouses of unparalleled Buddha-gnosis—Great Diamond Minds aligning the shores of Noble Wisdom and frequenting the hallowed halls of the Unborn.
  • Some bathe themselves in the nectar of Insight from many sacred texts, while others are persuasive speakers and writers who clear the sand from eyes long blind whenever appropriate.
  • Their Minds soar like Nuclear Birds nesting in the Sea of Suchness. Nothing in the created order of the universe can match their unexcelled and undivided intuitive resourcefulness in the Unborn.
  • Perpetually alert and Mindful they are unsurpassed masters of the three times. As such, they are Self-realized and devoid of prideful intent.
  • Whatever appears before their Mind’s Eye they are already aware of, thus determining a Rightful outcome of events.
  • Their food and nourishment is the Buddhadharma and their allegiance is to the Unborn Mind alone.
  • Nothing occurs to them unnoticed since their prior-foreknowledge is champion of the day and night.
  • They are devoted and faithful stewards of the Buddhadharma and are ardent cadres of the Shining Ones.
  • Their lifeblood is the Mind-Stream of the Tathagatas themselves.
  • The Sutras are their high-altars upon which they perpetually study and pay reverential homage.
  • Take heed to the inner-meaning of my words and thus join the company of these saintly ones. Yea, in so doing you will forever remain devoted servants and upholders of the Truth.
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    The Shining Ones

    Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 4

  • Now, Praise and Salutations to The Shining Ones. Theirs is the dominion of the Spiritual Life. Through their magnanimous efforts hidden Buddha-gnosis is revealed to those who are worthy to receive it.
  • Maintaining spiritual union with them incurs many auspicious rewards. The Pinnacle of THATNESS is hard to reach and near impossible to grasp; yet in their august company IT becomes Self-realized.
  • The Dharmadhatu is everywhere present although it is unattainable through meditative practices and by enduring excessive austerities.
  • In searching for IT many purported spiritual practitioners—experts in their field—become easily deceived and lost in their vanity. For those who claim to have exalted visions and mystical revelations, they too are easily blinded. Indeed, the very action of searching misses the mark of THATNESS which is the closest thing to one’s heart of hearts.
  • The early morning sunlight reflects the delicate threads of a spider’s web—yea, even minute particles of atomic-matter, but it can never detect the Dharmadhatu.
  • It is only when all discriminatory thought is dispelled, along with exhaustive logical arguments, when THAT which is already one’s own becomes revealed.
  • Yea, even the wondrous serpent-king Shesha—the one who is said to uphold the very world itself while displaying its one-thousand mouths—is rendered totally exhausted in its vain attempt to designate the nature of THATNESS.
  • The Vedas with its incomparable knowledge on the nature of everything, falls-flat when attempting to classify the Dharmadhatu.
  • The Dharmadhatu is Self-realized through one’s own experience in the company of the Shining Ones. Yea, the significance of their supernal company is ultimately ineffable.
  • Maya’s breath spawns limitless weird forms and manner of expressions, but it is powerless to describe anything about the True Nature of Dharmadhatu. Only the Shining Ones, in singular-fashion, can point to the imageless-way of realizing THAT which transcends all illusions.
  • The Dharmadhatu can never be conveyed through words and the Shining Ones themselves are of the same imageless constituents as Dharmadhatu. Hence, keeping company with them is a great wordless endeavor.
  • The Shining Ones bespeak the tranquility of liberation; thus, contentment with one’s True Self is the root of the matter. They expand upon the fruitfulness of devotion. Such ARE the Shining Ones.
  • The Shining Ones are the essence of True Religion itself—hence one’s Self-religion. They breed eternal contentment—the sacred reservoir of pureness and peace.
  • That which cannot be observed in the three times and planes (material, astral, spiritual) and is incapable of being made known in the Vedas and Upanishads is THAT of Absolute Reality—The Parabrahman or Unborn. This is only Self-realized through the revelations of the Shining Ones. Such is their glory and magnitude.
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    In Praise of the Spiritual Advocates

    Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 3

  • Now, Admiration and Salutations to the True Advocates—the Primordial Ones, the Satgurus, the Ineffable Ones who cannot be fully described. They are the True Spiritual Imageless Ones where illusion dare not attempt to intercept. In terms of their magnitude they are beyond my feeble comprehension.
  • The knowledge of the Vedas becomes inadequate declaring, “Not this, not this” (Neti, neti), how then can the foolish ones even begin to address Them?
  • You Are as you Are, oh Satguru.
  • Oh! High Lord of the gurus, You are the Seed of the Universe THAT permeates All. You are the Supreme Original One, the triumphant flag of Liberation and Bearer of Salvation.
  • The light dispels the darkness, but once again the cosmos is engulfed in pitch blackness. But the Satguru is not akin to that action, but is the cosmic destroyer of samsara by annihilating avidya.
  • The Satguru is oft compared to the ocean deep. But the sea has a salty taste, yet even if its waters turned milky sweet, it would still get spoiled at the final dissolution of the universe. But the Satguru will never be destroyed.
  • The great Muru Mountain is stiff and immovable. But the resolute resolve of the Satguru is compassionately soft towards the lesser able.
  • Occasionally the Satguru is likened to the “Nectar of Immortality.” However, even the gods who ingest that nectar will ultimately dissolve into nothingness. Yea, it is only the benedictions of the Satguru that incurs lasting immortality on the faithful ones.
  • Many turn to Chintamani, the mythological stone, in order to eradicate all worries. Yet there are no worries to be found at the precious feet of the Satguru.
  • The Satguru is oft compared to great wealth, yet wealth is transitory-matter. But an imperishable wealth awaits one at the doorstep of the Primordials.
  • Time erodes away all the kingdoms of the vast heavens; however the benedictions of the Satgurus, those Primordial Lords of Unborn Light, will never be soiled by the sands of time.
  • What has been described here are only my thin intimations, for the Blessed Primordial Ones leave one filled with the ineffable core of their salvific actions. The signs of these Inner-States can only be won by sweet introvert devotions to the Inner Self Supreme.
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    In Praise of Lord Ganesha

    Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 2

  • Om! Praise and salutations to Lord Ganesha. You are the Mighty One of Right Perception and Mindful Intellect. You bestow fruits of success and spiritual undertakings. You destroy all ignorance and habits of delusion.
  • Abide within me continually and crown me with your Divine Intellect. Instill Right Speech in my woeful deficiency thereby empowering me to always articulate your abundant compassion and blessings.
  • With the abiding support of your blessings the clouds of confusion dissipate, and all devouring time itself is made your most loyal servant.
  • With the bestowal of your blessings obstinate obstacles are powerless and melt away in your sight. Hence, you are named the “Destroyer of all Obstacles.” You shelter those who are destitute in mind and spirit; even the gods Shiva and Vishnu venerate you.
  • Upon remembrance of your Divine Presence many experience exceptional contentment in mind and spirit. When mind is affixed upon you the body consciousness is rendered mute and powerless as if frozen in reconciliation.
  • Your attributes are a wonder to behold! When you perform your riveting and effortless dance, with your massive frame moving so majestically, all the gods and divas remain frozenly spellbound.
  • You, Great Hermit, are well endowed with all the streams of Buddha gnosis, as your tiny eyes glance to and fro whilst simultaneously your massive ears flutter-about inducing a sweet aroma that attract honeybees that respond joyfully in their saccharine humming flight.
  • You wield an axe in one hand, grasp a lotus in your second, reveal a polished piece of stridently broken tusk in your third hand, and your favorite little round sweets are well-balanced in the forth.
  • You are a well-seasoned performer and skillful artist excelling in swiftness of movement yet remaining enormously attractive and beautifully adorned with auspicious marks—a true treasure to behold!
  • The great conference of the gods is blessedly graced by your presence as the glittering Light of your divine raiments spread-forth its radiant hue. All of the sundry literary-works and philosophies are attentively at your beck and call.
  • You hold the veritable storehouse of all gnosis and hence I pay my highest regards to you and lay prostrate at your feet unreservedly.
  • While beholding your beloved and ineffable qualities the Lord and Lady of Wisdom, Manjushri and Blessed Tara respectively, pay you due homage.
  • The Compassionate Lord, Avalokiteshvara, wonders in your ability to make even worldlings in the lower bhumis who are of dull intelligence, should be capable of meditating and becoming enamored of your Divine Stature, thus also becoming transformed in mind and spirit.
  • With all my being I come before you, Lord Ganesha, praising you in accordance with my capacity and forever keeping before my Mind’s Eye the deepest aspiration for the “Supreme Truth” (Paramartha) that is the definitive prize.
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    Lord Ganesha

    Lord Ganesha is the elephant-headed deity in the Hindu pantheon. He is perhaps the most beloved of the deities and is thus properly invoked in the beginning of the Dāsbodh (subsequent blog). He is primarily invoked as the Great-Remover of all Obstacles in the adept’s path and is the sponsor of success in all creative endeavors. The elephant-head represents the Divine Atman and the human body is representative of being rooted in and master of the earth. The Gansesha hierography is quite fascinating. After Ganesh’s creation by the bathing Parvati, who wanted a guard for her chamber door, Ganesh took his position as sentinel. Shiva came to the door a second time and demanded to see his wife, but Ganesh refused him entry. Shiva was forceful, but Ganesh stood firm in defense of his mother. In a terrible rage, Shiva struck Ganesh’s head from his shoulders. read more

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    Opening Salutations

    Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 1

  • The Listener asks, “What is this treatise and what is contained within it? What benefits are bestowed upon those who listen to it?”
  • The name of this spiritual treatise is Dāsbodh. It is spiritual advice to an Unborn Mind adept and it confers Buddha-gnosis and a path of Devotion to the Unborn.
  • It is a doctrine of Pure and Undivided Selfhood and is a means of obtaining Liberation from all dukkha through Union with the Absolute Source Supreme.
  • Dāsbodh offers clear insight into the auspicious workings of Reality, or the Dharmadhatu. Also contained is confirmation of the formless-wonder that is beyond the contaminated body-consciousness, and the means of detachment from such defiled dharmatas.
  • Many wrong notions will be eradicated with many doubts and fears removed, and many concerns will be resolved.
  • Beware—some will say that what is presented here is not true. In doing so, they also deny the Buddha-gnosis that is contained within countless Sutras and major teachings of the Unborn Buddha Mind.
  • Without perusing this complete Volume of sacred truths such may be considered as evil persons. Through their pride and arrogance they will surely suffer from many tribulations resulting in their absolute demise—far and removed from salvific Unborn Light.
  • All of this sacrilege will lead those to be consumed with their own adamant anger and false-pride which leads to self-destruction.
  • Whereas fruitful listening to this text will usher in a total transformation of the adept as all the roots of self-doubt are severed.
  • In following this path of Unborn Devotion a total metamorphosis will occur as defiled flesh and mind become morphed into a new and Enlightened Spiritual Being.
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