Chapter: 1, Sub-Chapter: 8

  1. When utilized prudently corporeality can be a blessed state. Especially when it’s used as a vehicle that pursues the Absolute Truth.
  2. With the help of corporeality devotion of the Unborn is best conferred when the mechanism of detachment leads to Right Contemplation in ascetic settings.
  3. There are those who can experience remarkable siddhis in light of Right Devotion and obeisance to the Dharmadhatu. Such as: levitation, bilocation, telepathy, precognition and the self-inducement of the manomayakaya.
  4. With the assistance of corporeality and sundry spiritual practices there are those who have breached the great Gateless Gate to Liberation.
  5. Recollect that minus the incarnation of corporeality the possibility of becoming free from samsara will be in vain, just reincarnating again and again in lesser forms. Even the gods themselves must first achieve corporeality before they can become liberated from samsaric stock.
  6. It is due to corporeality that some have become Maha-Bodhisattvas, ascetics and hermits, monks and great spiritual teachers, all quite content and detached in the fine art of Self-realization.
  7. When corporeality is employed in Right Fashion it can serve as an instrument of leading others to the other shore of Deathless Suchness.
  8. The Self makes use of corporeality like the hermit-crab makes use of its shell, up until the grand moment of release from mortal coils into the awaiting arms of the Lord of Unborn Light.
  9. But beware, we live in an age where the true becomes false and the false becomes true. This weighs heavily on the corporeal frame until such time as spirit leaves the carnal nest into the heavenly heights and undivided splendor of the Unborn.
  10. Left to its own accord devoid of the Self-realization of Noble Wisdom, the dead body of the sage becomes the food of carrion, maggots, worms and other foul vermin.
  11. Many are already dead walking about like animated corpses wherein the freedom of the other shore is never realized.
  12. Yea, one’s lifespan is brief, so utilize corporeality in Noble endeavors until anuttara samyak sambodhi.
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