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Some Limitations

Completion of Book III iii. 50-55 Avoidance of Spiritual Downfalls 3.50 Dispassion towards the Siddhic Powers must be assured lest the yogin succumb to the pride of a grandiose spirit. Our series on The Śūrańgama Sūtra forewarned what would befall a spiritual adept if one succumbed to the temptations that lie in ambush over the unwary mind, regardless of the spiritual attainments. Indeed, the closer one gets to the proximity of the heights of Noble Spiritual Consciousness, all the more Read more [...]

Diamond-hard Compactness

iii. 46-49 Spirit-Body Ascending 3.46 The Diamond Body has an adamantine hue that harnesses strength. As the yogin steadily advances in practice, each cell of the body is refined in the fire of spiritual-perfection. The yogin’s body is now a “spiritual-one”, adamantine—as hard as a diamond—the Diamond-Mind-Spirit-Body. This Body yields to no-thing whatsoever in the created order of existence; as written elsewhere within these blogs: It is forming into that Diamond-Body that is Read more [...]

Ascending the Physical

iii. 38-45 Ascending the Rūpakaya 3.38 Liberation from bondage to the Rūpakaya, the yogin is freed to merge with another mind-essence. Freed from exclusive samsaric incarceration, the citta has the ability to link with the subtle nerve-channels (nadis) of another citta. An interesting cultural reference that comes to mind is episode sequences from the old 60’s Gothic-Soap, Dark Shadows. The sequences referenced occurred during the 1897 (Quentin Collins) storyline when the infamous Count Read more [...]

Powers of Spirit

Blue Medicine Buddha by Sally Gradle iii. 35-37 Spiritual Gnosis 3.35 A bifurcation exists between puruṣa (spirit) and the phenomenal worlds. Objective formalities exist only for utilization by the spiritually advanced yogin. Even for the advanced yogin/yogini corporeal bondage will remain a certainty unless one comes to the realization that all material phenomenalizations are mutable, while the Spiritual Reality of the Dharmadhatu is immutable. Gnosis of the Spirit is not realized Read more [...]

Powers of Transformation

iii. 21-34 Transformational Capacities 3.21 Through sustained sanyama on the Rūpakaya, the Yogi is rendered indiscernible by the carnally refracted-eye of the perceiver. Perception of phenomena requires light that is filtered and refracted by the observer’s eye. The ancient Yogins discovered that by intercepting light and rendering it barely visible to the carnal eye, one’s Rūpakaya (physical body) as well as one’s samsaric-(personalized) energy-signature can be rendered totally Read more [...]

Powers of Gnosis

We have now come to the siddhis-proper, or those mystical powers assimilated from the yogic foundation provided from the perfect sanyamaic-discipline, or the techniques of applying Dhāranā, Dhyāna and Samadhi to any given phenomenal energy-field. As can be weighed from all the preceding material, Siddhic-Mastership entails engaging in an extraordinary amount of untold hours developing these salient techniques before the yogin dare engage in utilizing and even bending the laws of psychic-phenomena. Read more [...]

The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism

Just published, the new Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism promises to be a worthy reference tool for students of the Buddhadharma. “At more than one million words, this is the largest dictionary of Buddhism ever produced in the English Language.” What really drew me to this particular dictionary is the compilers willingness to include a more all-inclusive base [other than exclusively professional scholars] as sources for their entries, as they state: There are now many more scholars of Read more [...]

Mutational Maturations

iii. 11-15 Sequences of Transformation 3.11 Samādhi parināma A Transformational Alteration between the distracted mind-stuff and One-Pointedness. A new focal position of Mind development as the mind-stuff mutates into pure and direct centeredness in the Unborn. 3.12 Ekāgratā parināma Transformation within One-Pointedness itself wherein mental activity and silence come into a balanced position; the Yogin is now oblivious to all passing phenomena—resembling that of focusing on Read more [...]

In Transit

iii. 4-10 The Sanyama of the Moment 3.4 The Three-in-One is called Sanyama Sanyama is the synthesis between Dhāranā, Dhyāna and Samadhi. When the Illuminative Energy is released the Siddhis are born. In this fashion true gnosis on the object of attention is established. Undivided-Awareness (Bodhipower) kicks-in like a cosmic energy-beam, fashioning all aspects of mentality as one so wills. 3.5 In Mastering Sanyama Direct-Intuitive Gnosis bursts-forth in brilliant Luminosity. The Read more [...]


iii. 3. First-range Samadhi 3.3 Total Mind Absorption Swami Venkatesananda translates this sutra as: When the field of observation and the observing intelligence merges as if their own form is abolished and the total intelligence shines as the sole substance or reality, there is pure choiceless awareness without the divided identity of the observer and the observed – that is illumination. While this type of Samadhi is not the top-class seedless or “nirbija samadhi” that we discussed Read more [...]