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Coming Soon: The Doctrine of Awakening

Our next series will be an exegesis of Julius Evola’s masterful work on Early Buddhism: The Doctrine of Awakening. Of special interest for Lankavatarians is his treatment of the Ariyan Spirit, one that is reinforced through a proper understanding of ascesis, one that is totally divorced from standard westernized notions of extreme mortification of the senses. For Evola, the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold path (ariyamagga) is also far and away from corrupted western misconceptions, in particular Read more [...]

One who knows does not speak, one who speaks does not know

WHEN KNOWLEDGE WENT NORTH Knowledge wandered north Looking for Tao, over the Dark Sea, And up the Invisible Mountain. There on the mountain he met Non-Doing, the Speechless One. He inquired: "Please inform me, Sir, By what system of thought And what technique of meditation I can apprehend Tao? By what renunciation Or what solitary retirement May I rest in Tao? Where must I start, What road must I follow To reach Tao?" Such were his three questions. Non-Doing, the Speechless Read more [...]

Four: The Yoga of Gnosis

Tozen was right on the mark when he recently described Krishna as an avatar of Vishnu: Now when we look at Vishnus spiritual incarnation known as Krishna in the world and Krishna consciousness in the sambhokaya continuum, the black skin you refer to on Krishna, is just a symbol in early hindu paintings of this 8th incarnation of the Brahma Vishnu the maintainer, being as SUCH, fully aware of the Dark Principle of the One Mind, that permeates all ten directions of the three kayas and certainly Read more [...]

Three: The Yoga of Action

Karma Yoga 3.1 Blessed One, if you think discernment is superior to decisive action, why do you insist that I carry out this destructive act, inquired Arjuna. 3.2 Your speech is ambiguous and clouds my reason—please tell me the best way that will guarantee my spiritual salvation? 3.3 The Blessed One responded: Arjuna, since the beginning of this world I have bestowed a two-fold devotion: the contemplative path wherein pure gnosis is emphasized, and the active path of service, effective Read more [...]

Powers of Transformation

iii. 21-34 Transformational Capacities 3.21 Through sustained sanyama on the Rūpakaya, the Yogi is rendered indiscernible by the carnally refracted-eye of the perceiver. Perception of phenomena requires light that is filtered and refracted by the observer’s eye. The ancient Yogins discovered that by intercepting light and rendering it barely visible to the carnal eye, one’s Rūpakaya (physical body) as well as one’s samsaric-(personalized) energy-signature can be rendered totally Read more [...]

Powers of Gnosis

We have now come to the siddhis-proper, or those mystical powers assimilated from the yogic foundation provided from the perfect sanyamaic-discipline, or the techniques of applying Dhāranā, Dhyāna and Samadhi to any given phenomenal energy-field. As can be weighed from all the preceding material, Siddhic-Mastership entails engaging in an extraordinary amount of untold hours developing these salient techniques before the yogin dare engage in utilizing and even bending the laws of psychic-phenomena. Read more [...]

In Transit

iii. 4-10 The Sanyama of the Moment 3.4 The Three-in-One is called Sanyama Sanyama is the synthesis between Dhāranā, Dhyāna and Samadhi. When the Illuminative Energy is released the Siddhis are born. In this fashion true gnosis on the object of attention is established. Undivided-Awareness (Bodhipower) kicks-in like a cosmic energy-beam, fashioning all aspects of mentality as one so wills. 3.5 In Mastering Sanyama Direct-Intuitive Gnosis bursts-forth in brilliant Luminosity. The Read more [...]

The Discernment Factor

ii.26-27 Positive discrimination breaks the spell of samsara 2.26 Right Discernment is the means (upaya) of escaping the pain of samsara. Positive discrimination does not bespeak the ravenous discriminatory mind that the Lankavatara Sutra so eloquently addresses—that is negative-discrimination. Rather, it is about developing the fine art (*Discernment Pro Arte ) of Right Discernment that properly distinguishes the true from the false. When the seeds of erroneous perception have burned-out, Read more [...]

Divorced from the Cross of Matter

Vomitus Maximus Triumph of the Spirit i.24-28 The Lord of Yoga transcends the trap of temporal manifestations 1.24 The Lord of Yoga is the Self-Supreme, unaffected by any temporal hindrances and any deposits of karmic residues. Like a bird flying free from its cage, so is the Spirit when freed from the bondage of a suffering-material world. All former karmic ties and its associations are now severed. They can no longer take root. For the soil from which Spirit springs is imageless and immune Read more [...]

What a Fool Believes

The Lanka places a great premium on the nature of perceptions—what a fool believes he sees or does not see, i.e., existence or non-existence. It also reinforces again and again that the Tathagatas are free from all these discriminations, even going beyond the attempt to render their very “existence” and accompanying afflictions as somehow being nonexistent, their “teaching does not [even] recognize the [very] existence of afflictions much less their annihilation. To Hui-k’o, bodhidharma Read more [...]
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