The Dhammapada in Light of the Unborn


The Author: Written in 2002 while a Dharma-student (Púsan) in Tozen’s Zen School of the Unborn Mind, Vajragoni has essentially cultivated a compilation and editing of the principles found within the school, the great Dhammapada Itself, and sundry mythological motifs. Thought provoking and not a casual read, but a most powerful expose based on Zen teachings of Mystical Buddhism. A book not for everyone, but it deserves thoughtful consideration by anyone who wants to go more deeply into Zen Buddhist thought and practice. It helps to shed light about a largely forgotten Zen tradition that goes back to Bodhidharma and the Lankavatara Sutra that would otherwise seem incomprehensible. Verily, a treasure for spiritual aspirants. These classic aphorisms of the Buddha reach new mystic heights in this inspiring rendition and will empower many to Recollect the inner workings of their True and Original Nature.

It is available in Pocket-Book size edition at Amazon:

The Dhammapada in Light of the Unborn Amazon

Also available in same format at LuLu Press:

The Dhammapada in Light of the Unborn

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6 Responses to The Dhammapada in Light of the Unborn

  1. emaho says:

    Recently received a pocket book copy of The Dhammapada in Light of the Unborn.

    It’s funny; I’ve been doing research in quantum theory will only say just this:

    This is but a small book, small enough to hold in one hand. Yet, it contains within its pages an ineffable and unlimited power.

    Each page is a complete meditation in itself.

    Deepest homage to the noble being who so generously offers this magical and mystical book.

  2. emaho says:

    An instant to fall in love with; a lifetime or more of incalculable wisdom to keep close to the heart. This book is an incredible little mystical compass. Thank you so much for making this treasure available. I cannot keep away.

  3. emaho says:

    Spending countless hours absorbing the Animative Light with blessed Bodhichild on YouTube for days, weeks, months, years on end.

    Awed at the depth, strength and purity of the sacred lessons of the Dragon Mind.

    Ever like a child in blissful rapture, slowly growing in the gotra of Unborn Gnosis.
    Slow but sure; always learning to See the Clear Light of parinirvana.

    In hermetic vigilance, the flame of Noble Wisdom burns bright through the Dark Nights.

    Homage in all ten directions to the ineffable Zen School of the Unborn Mind.

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