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The Unborn-Deathless One

7.25 Eclipsed by Maya, the world does not know me as I AM IN MYSELF—the Unborn-Deathless One. Hidden behind the shadow-making propensities of man’s imposition on the deathless-face of the Unborn Essence, the Unmanifested-Spirit is forever eclipsed like a cancerous cataract in the Mind’s Eye. 7.26 Arjuna, I am aware of all creatures who move in the cosmos, yet they are not even dimly aware of my Exuberant-Suchness hidden in the depths of their very being.  The Amala-consciousness Read more [...]

Thou shalt not have other gods before me

7.20 Led by their own lesser proclivities, many follow their lower natures and seek to worship demigods of their own shallow design. The lesser-able take shelter in a lower-class of demigods merely as a fulfillment of baser instincts that are habitually practiced out of material and shallow [religious] actions. Fear is their normative function, one that keeps them enshrouded in the ritualized-habits of many past lives. For them, grace is cheap—bought at the price of foolheartedly seeking Read more [...]

Maya, the Womb of Cosmic-Delusion

7.14 All that is outside my Supra-Essential Core becomes manifested as Maya—the womb of cosmic-delusion. It is only those who take resolute refuge in my Self-Alone who will transcend this nefarious web. A wonderful resource I purchased a little while ago is Rudolf V. D’Souza’s, The Bhagavadgītā and St.John of the Cross, a Comparative Study of the Dynamism of Spiritual Growth in the Process of God-Realisation. (Roma, 1996) It describes Maya, amongst other variables, as a “Womb that Read more [...]

Seven: Gnosis of the Absolute

The Cosmic Necklace 7.1 Thus spoke the Blessed One: Arjuna, devote your whole-self to me and practice the Divine Unborn Yoga. In so doing take me as your exclusive-refuge; it is only in this solemn fashion that you can truly know me as your Supreme Self. 7.2 I will reveal to you the direct-gnosis which will openly reveal to you the inner Self-realization of Noble Truths, besides which no-thing more need be known. If a yogin merely practices meditation-techniques without also offering Read more [...]

The All-Pervading Spirit

6.30 Recognizing everything as the manifestation of the One Light, one will never lose sight of the all-pervading Spirit. One is never apart from THAT which animates. Thus the emancipated yogin tastes the all-pervasiveness of the Infinite Dharma-Lord. 6.31 One who always abides in Absolute Oneness lives as a disciplined devotee—never apart from the all-pervading grace of the Spirit Supreme THAT is in-all AS ALL.    When the dreaming-mind awakens from its stupor, it begins to recognize Read more [...]


6.18 When the mind is totally subjugated to the Divine Self (Atman), then one is indelibly united with the Unborn Lord. Unequivocally absorbed in Divine Blessedness, the mechanisms of the lower-self (body-consciousness) are disbanded. 6.19 The well-developed mind of the yogin, concentrating exclusively on the Self-Supreme, is like a steady flame that is unperturbed by samsaric-winds. Just as the flame from a lighted candle does not flicker in a windless-place, just so the flame of Eternal-Vidyā Read more [...]

The Yogin’s Seat

6.7 The valiant-sage, absorbed in the Supreme-Self (Atman), is impervious to the elements of hot and cold; whether experiencing pleasure or pain, in honor or dishonor.  When one’s mind is immovable in the Self-Supreme, there is no other recourse other than to remain fixed in the dictates of the Absolute. It’s all a matter of perceiving oneself as a liberated spirit, blissful and free from all mind and body obscurations. 6.8 One is known as an advanced yogin [mystic] when absorbed Read more [...]

Six: Dhyana Yoga

The Yoga of True Renunciation is dependent upon Meditation 6.1 Thus spoke the Unborn Lord: One who acts dutifully in the Holy Dharma, regardless of the consequences, is a True Spiritual-Ascetic—not those who shun their duties and merely observe external rituals. The sannyasin (renunciate) inwardly burns the sacrificial-flame that dispels all inordinate desires, lusts, sorrows, and inclinations. This inward-fire in which the true yogin burns-off these adventitious yearnings becomes united Read more [...]

Noumenal Bliss

5.19 From the vantage-point of one immersed in sheer luminosity, all about is nothing other than the Supreme Dharma Lord marked by the spirit of equanimity.  Equanimity of Mind is the very hallmark of Noble Self-Realization. Primordial Dharma-Yoga is an ancient technique of aligning the chakras in that spirit of equanimity. Thus these chakraic-spiraling spiritual agencies induce a noumenal bliss that allays the undulating waves of skandhic-consciousness as one is permanently yoked with the Read more [...]

The Ensconced-Self

5.13 The Ensconced-Self, hidden in Unborn Bliss, knows Itself as the Transcendent Atman—the Guardian of the nine-gated fortress. IT neither moves nor is the performer of actions. When the Unborn Mind devotee rises above all defiling attachments and actions of the body-consciousness, one becomes Lord over all matter and happily becomes enthroned even in the mechanism of the rupakaya as the transcendently-detached observer over all activities. One is conscious only of Spirit and does not become Read more [...]