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At that time, Prince Great Medicine rose from his seat in the assembly, joined his palms, and asked the Buddha, “World-Honored One, what form does the consciousness take after leaving the dead body'” read more

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The Yogin’s Seat

6.7 The valiant-sage, absorbed in the Supreme-Self (Atman), is impervious to the elements of hot and cold; whether experiencing pleasure or pain, in honor or dishonor.  read more

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The Assumption of the Yogikaya

As an earlier post revealed, once Amoghasiddhi’s Key has been turned in the meditative act of spiritual ejaculation, the bodhi-bindu rises to the Dharmachakra and is experienced as Vairocana’s enrapturement. The yogin is now enjoined with Vairocana as the wind and mind are sown as one; thus the speech of the Tathagatas is conferred. The Tathagata speaks powerfully within the Yogic-Host; the Mind of the Tathagatas is now activated and regulates the daily rhythm of the yogin’s breath. When the breath reaches an impasse, the Tathagata still remains absorbed. There is now only the Yogikaya, the Assumption of the Yogi/Yogini’s spiritual-body into the Transcendent Body of the Tathagata. read more

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