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Jesus and the Dharmakaya

Some modern sources wrongly make the assertion that the Dharmakaya (the absolute, imageless Buddha Body of Perfect Suchness within the Buddhaic Trikaya) is comparable to the Christian notion of the unseen Creator God, the one who has created all things, … Continue reading

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The Hero

One of the words tossed around willy-nilly in this dharma-ending age is “hero”. It seems we are inundated with apparent heroes every which way we turn: movie and comic book animated heroes, football and baseball heroes, all-armed forces personnel heroes, … Continue reading

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The present and active state of civil unrest* that has been occurring throughout the globe this year is indicative of what transpires when one wakes-up and sees things as they are—which, in this universal sense, has generated the impetus to … Continue reading

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Two Fundamentals

In the Surangama Sutra, the Buddha expounds to Ananda about the two fundamentals. Essentially, they correspond to what we in UnbornMind Zen describe as the two principles: one is the moving principle—i.e., becoming attached and dependent upon all perceptional movement … Continue reading

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The Narrow Gate

Within the lore of Buddhism, rebirth as a human is considered very rare for someone located within the lower regions of the unwholesome, like a hell-dweller or a hungry ghost. In fact, there is a marvelous allegory found in the … Continue reading

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