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  (D) Benediction The priest of the Five Dhyanī Buddhas also is united with their Primal Source; thus Vajrasattva is esoterically representative of Samantabhadra Ādi-Buddha, the Unborn and Imageless Dharmakaya element. As the Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva draws to a close, this Primordial Representation is appropriately revealed in the Benediction, with a primary-focal tool being utilized—the imageless-mirror encased in decorative form atop a Lotus-stand: An acolyte proceeds Read more [...]

Liturgy of Light

  (C) Liturgy of Light After the time of silent reflection, an acolyte approaches the altar carrying a Ceremonial Crown which is then placed on the head of the priest after the acolyte removes the former Dhyanī Buddha Crown: The priest, crossing his arms and holding the Sacred Vajra in his right hand and the Sacred Bell in his left, then begins to recite the following:   PREFACE OF UNBORN LIGHT Priest: Father, since time immemorial your Divine Light continues Read more [...]

Liturgy of Consecration

  (B) LITURGY OF CONSECRATION Structure of Liturgy: 1. Litany of the Shining Ones: the entire assembly stands and chants the following litany: Divine Shrine of Refuge, hear us Holy One of Enlightened Virtue, hear us Treasury of Endless Wisdom, hear us Holy Guide of Gods and Men, hear us Vanquisher of all Sorrows, hear us Most Highly Auspicious One, hear us Lord of all Sovereign Powers, hear us Luminous Host of Boundless Light, hear us Shining Star of Liberation, hear Read more [...]

The Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva

  The Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva FIVE: THE DIVINE LITURGY OF VAJRASATTVA *This section is divided into sub-groups and is too long for any single post. First up: (A) LITURGY OF THE LOGOS* * Meaning the expression of the animating principle as revealed through Sacred Actions and the “Word” of Sacred Sutras, Zen texts, Zen teachings, ect… Structure of Liturgy: 1. Gathering: the assembly gathers round the Ritual/Meditation space. The Space itself is comprised of a circular-altar Read more [...]