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I Can See Clearly Now

Imagining by this imagination, self-substance is conceived to rise by the conditions of origination (pratyayabhava); an external world is recognized in distortion, there is [in fact] no such external world, but just the Mind. Pratyayabhava: from the root pratyaya: paccaya … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Eight

Bodhi itself is bracketed by Eight-Points or essential-qualities. The Eight Points are: Purity (svabhāva), Cause (hetu), Result (phala), Functions (karman), Union (yoga), Manifestations (vṛtti), Permanence (nitya), and Inconceivability (acintya). These “terms” should be familiar as they mostly were covered earlier … Continue reading

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Diamond-hard Compactness


iii. 46-49 Spirit-Body Ascending 3.46 The Diamond Body has an adamantine hue that harnesses strength. As the yogin steadily advances in practice, each cell of the body is refined in the fire of spiritual-perfection. The yogin’s body is now a … Continue reading

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Liturgy of Light


  (C) Liturgy of Light After the time of silent reflection, an acolyte approaches the altar carrying a Ceremonial Crown which is then placed on the head of the priest after the acolyte removes the former Dhyanī Buddha Crown: The … Continue reading

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Hymn to Samantabhadra: A Supplement to the Lanka Book of the Dead

HYMN TO SAMANTABHADRA * One who is in Union with the Supreme Primordial Samantabhadra will celebrate with a Clear Heart and Mind-Body as hard as a diamond; for verily, when the water of the mind becomes transfigured in the Great … Continue reading

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