A Boundless Journey

Seeking the path of enlightenment through physical means is a reckless pursuit that will only lead to immense disappointment. It is akin to attempting to unravel the profound wisdom of the universe by peering through a kaleidoscope-like lens tainted with the complexities of karma, where everything is in a perpetual state of flux and transformation. However, by solely engaging in the practice of Mind Recollecting Mind, one can unlock the gateway to the eternal realm of Deathless Suchness, where tranquility reigns supreme.

This sacred journey transcends the confines of thought, as the Mind relinquishes its attachment to all external distractions and immerses itself in the divine sanctuary of Self—the Dharmakaya. In this ethereal realm, impervious to the chilling grip of mortality and the repugnant cycle of ignoble rebirth, true liberation is found.

Liberation is the ultimate state of freedom, where one is no longer bound by the constraints of a corrupted and entangled existence. The enlightened perspective of Bodhi transcends the limitations of the physical senses, which are often ensnared and captivated by the illusions of the material world. Instead, the enlightened ones experience a formless connection with the ancient and profound essence of the Sugatagarbha.

Those who remain fixated on external phenomena become entranced and enslaved by their perceptions. On the other hand, those who have detached themselves from the illusory nature of the world find tranquility of mind and a blissful liberation of the spirit. By viewing the world through the imageless eyes of the Bodhichild, one becomes attuned to the purity that exists beyond the superficial appearances and the distorted perceptions that cloud the mind.

True liberation can only be achieved through the transformative power of Bodhi, which awakens the dormant Dharma-child within. It is a liberation unlike any other, as it liberates one from the shackles of ignorance and delusion, allowing them to embrace the true nature of reality.

The offspring of Bodhi embark on a boundless journey, traversing countless realms of enlightenment with effortless grace. They have transcended the burden of incessant mental constructs, which serve no purpose and are mere hollow instruments in the realm of Bodhi. Without the activation of the dormant bodhi-seed, one remains trapped in the eternal cycle of rebirth, endlessly creating both virtuous and sinful actions, experiencing heavenly joys and infernal torments throughout countless eons. However, once the gotra is awakened, all karmic consequences and illusory realms of bliss and suffering lose their relevance, no longer troubling the liberated essence of the Spirit.

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