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Let-go of Experience

The crux of the problem is to prevent our limited perceptional-tool of “experience” from eclipsing the Reality of the True. In order to arrive at the ultimate Truth, every experience we’ve had or will have in the future must be expunged. Our main point of contention—the skandhas are the carriers of experience. Let us then dissect their composition: read more

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The Shift

Dear readers, in order to better comprehend the nature of Union with the Unborn and beyond, consider that a Copernican-shift is in order. As the sun does not revolve around the earth, but that the earth revolves around the sun, we are now asked to realize that the essence of our nature is not the self, since this is merely how one experiences the Unborn {Self=the function of the Unborn}, but is not the Unborn in Itself. The ultimate nature of this shift is tantamount to apprehending that in order for the Unborn to be in AS-IS-NESS mode, the entire self must fall away, leaving only the Unborn and no-thing else. Essence is not self, but THAT which remains after self is gone. read more

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Mara’s Decoy Self

That which we refer to as Divine Union indicates that one cannot go any further. Indeed, once that state is reached any inward-movement comes to an abrupt end. It is over–unequivocally and unalterably finished. One cannot go beyond the beyond. Silence and solitude are no longer a necessary or dominate function, just an acceptance of this voidness. There will be no lasting sense of peace until all the energies and sensate strata have been absolutely absorbed into the Unborn—yea, a dark and unrelenting void in our spirit. From this point onward all former self-direction is annulled hence voiding any return to former positions of solace in one’s own powers and abilities. Formally, one tried to transcend the “self” that was known in a natural manner, which only turns out to be the artificially impermanent false-self and not the True Self hidden in the Unborn. read more

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Beyond the Ascent

This blog-series based on previous contemplative formulations here at Unborn Mind Zen is representative of an apophatic climax culminating in a stage termed “Beyond the Ascent“. Previously the Ascent to higher contemplative and unitive frames of mind was of a singular and paramount import. Next must come the breakthrough that after many years of experiencing this unitive state, it is not the Summum Bonum of self-realization in the Unborn. Authentic Union with the Unborn is not complete until there is nothing left to be united. Beyond the Ascent of nirvanic Self-hood, which is not an end in itself, must dawn a higher-estate of Mind. Hence the assumption that the egoless-state is the final goal is a grave error indeed. The skandhic-self still clings tenaciously to the aura of human semblance which is the main hindrance to liberation of mind and spirit. In this context there is no true form of spiritual marriage that initiates this complete loss of the false skhandic-self, but rather years of self-less Bodhisattvic-resolve that is the highest-good for all involved in the Buddhaic enterprise of eradicating dukkha from the terrain of Self-Transcendence. read more

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