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Mara’s Decoy Self

That which we refer to as Divine Union indicates that one cannot go any further. Indeed, once that state is reached any inward-movement comes to an abrupt end. It is over–unequivocally and unalterably finished. One cannot go beyond the beyond. Silence and solitude are no longer a necessary or dominate function, just an acceptance of this voidness. There will be no lasting sense of peace until all the energies and sensate strata have been absolutely absorbed into the Unborn—yea, a dark and unrelenting void in our spirit. From this point onward all former self-direction is annulled hence voiding any return to former positions of solace in one’s own powers and abilities. Formally, one tried to transcend the “self” that was known in a natural manner, which only turns out to be the artificially impermanent false-self and not the True Self hidden in the Unborn. read more

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