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The Ten-Thousand Things

One who dwells in dualism, will be pursued by the ten-thousand things. Even the most negligible sniff of right and wrong, and Mind is forever lost in the stench of self-abashment. One will give-birth to the Two, be careful to not cling even to this one. With the Unborn Mind there is no defiling dust, thus the ten-thousand things have no-thing to desecrate. The greatest curse is the discriminatory, dualistic-infested mind-set. Divorced from the Root-Source, what Zen Master Ejo Read more [...]

(18) Now

You are in truth, pure light. No more, no less. The only reality of this light is NOW and nothing else. Do not mistake this, NOW, to be the temporal moments of your body-consciousness, for its true nature eludes the three times of the evil one. This NOW and this light knows no time and hence no birth or death. All the treasures and all the wisdom of what your true nature contains are solely found in this light for you are beyond all doubt, this light and this light is the true you, Read more [...]


Incessant change is the product of a Self-empty World, All arising and cessating out of sheer ignorance. If you attempt to search for the true in this phantasmagoria, False will be your opinionated and deluded companions. Life is experiencing a phantasmagoric voyage while drinking a karma-float. This kaleidoscope-reality of samsara is nothing but shifting scenes littered with backdrops that bear the impression of lost joys and loves and hopes; while taking the next spin on the carousel Read more [...]

(17) Darkness

The times of great darkness and confusion have begun. These are times of great lies and misdirection. Many will step forth proclaiming various miracles and spiritual accomplishments from a deep and empty new age well. But all there will be is man’s rampant imagination and endless desires for something greater than his own true nature. These are times where the absence of reason will flood the world, as the understanding of the miraculous principle of the Buddha-Mind is nowhere Read more [...]


Turn-About and Return to the Root-Source for direct signification; If you pursue outward appearances you will lose IT. True Reality is inward-bound, Surmounting the images embedded in their empty abyss. Direct Self-realization of the Source opens the root to the full flowering of Bodhi. The Zen Masters of old devised a little formula to help bypass any peripheral impediments. Investigating the hua t’ou is cracking-open the “Word Head”,E.g., keeping focus on That which is prior Read more [...]

(16) Intelligence

As long as your Mind is equated and locked within the brain, its intelligence is limited to the karmic predisposition's of this brain with all the effects this have on ones spiritual health in an environment of constant uncertainty (samsara). Sure, one might say that this person is way more intelligent than the other and thus more fortunate, but a high or even extreme intelligence is never a guarantee for a happy or even satisfying life. The history of man is most certainly filled with tall Read more [...]

New Bookshelf in Operation

Special Thank-you to Tozen and our webmaster, Jure Kralj, for our new operational Bookshelf link--on top far right (Bookself new). Tozen is graciously supplying the books, and Jure's fine efforts have the new plug-in up and working--it was his find and suggestion that we use it. Thank's guys, I'm sure our new library will prove to be a great resource for many! 🙂 Read more [...]


Incessant talk and thought, Keep you far and wide from the Unborn. Severing insipid speech and circuitous ideations, Absolves Mind from these obstacles that hinder Right Cogitation. Few would doubt that we live in a world plagued with too much talk and not enough quiet-reflection. God-forbid if people just put-down their iphones for just one day in order to just hear and think alone and for themselves for even just an hour; for just a minute for Pete’s-sake! I've often wondered what Read more [...]

(15) The Dharmakaya

The fundamental power of the Unborn Mind; the very basis of your present creation, is dark and obscure. By virtue of its preeminently simple and absolute nature, free of every limitation, beyond every limitation, instantaneous in terms of dynamic animation; it is also beyond every denial. One cannot deny the ineffable once it emerges in its full splendor. The process of denial is in itself a composing, or more correctly, a synthesizing process; a mere transubstantiation of that power the Read more [...]

No Distinctions

Being Passive in the Face of Activity, Only induces Restless-Action. Hiding in either extreme, The One Mind will evade you. Those who do not discern ITs Singular Nature, End up being victimized by both extremes. Trying to escape this dark existence, Through emptiness will only fill you with more of the same. The Passive/Active distinction can be a difficult problem to solve. Zen Master’s of old used to employ a Kung-an, more readily known as a koan, to break the vicious Read more [...]
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