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Being of a Single Mind – One-pointedness (Zen) is attained

Let not the appearance of these words fool you,  yet do not wander off from the context at hand. Being One in Spirit (will) and of One Mind is to be of a Single Mind in a here and now that stretches beyond the temporal prison of this body consciousness, which clouds the true vision of your luminous Self.   The Buddhas have never lied nor will they ever  bare false witness [of the Dharma] to you. Their dharma unfolds before you Minds´s eye at any given moment.  Blink and you´ve Read more [...]

(24) Vibration

The basis for the sanskrit language is that sound, made up by vibrations, equals energy. Once a practitioner connects with the energy-field regulating breath (prāṇa), a heightened awareness power arises which then makes it possible to expand with the "body" of this field (riding the wave of spirit) hence sensing the constitution of the room, surrounding people, plants and even spirits. This then leads towards realization that it (samsara) is all of One Energy, one vibration, originating from Read more [...]

No Distinctions

Being Passive in the Face of Activity, Only induces Restless-Action. Hiding in either extreme, The One Mind will evade you. Those who do not discern ITs Singular Nature, End up being victimized by both extremes. Trying to escape this dark existence, Through emptiness will only fill you with more of the same. The Passive/Active distinction can be a difficult problem to solve. Zen Master’s of old used to employ a Kung-an, more readily known as a koan, to break the vicious Read more [...]