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Akṣhobhya’s Dharma-Door

"Śāriputra, Tathāgata Akṣhobhya leads the Bodhisattvas and followers of other vehicles in other lands as well as in the World of Wonderful Joy. Śāriputra, if good men and good women, after hearing the Dharma-door of Tathāgata Akṣhobhya's merits, are well able to accept, uphold, read, recite, and comprehend it, and wish to be born in that land, then Tathāgata Akṣhobhya will always protect and remember them until the time of their death, and will keep demons and demons' retinues from Read more [...]

Being of a Single Mind – One-pointedness (Zen) is attained

Let not the appearance of these words fool you,  yet do not wander off from the context at hand. Being One in Spirit (will) and of One Mind is to be of a Single Mind in a here and now that stretches beyond the temporal prison of this body consciousness, which clouds the true vision of your luminous Self.   The Buddhas have never lied nor will they ever  bare false witness [of the Dharma] to you. Their dharma unfolds before you Minds´s eye at any given moment.  Blink and you´ve Read more [...]

Good Roots

At that time, the Venerable Śāriputra asked the Buddha, "World-Honored One, what causes and good roots enable Bodhisattva-Mahāsattvas to be born in that Buddha-land?" The Buddha told Śāriputra, "Bodhisattva-Mahāsattvas who wish to be born in the World of Wonderful Joy should follow the Bodhisattva practices cultivated by Tathāgata Akṣhobhya in the past, and make a great vow to be born in that land. These practices and this vow will enable them to be born in that Buddha-land. "Furthermore, Read more [...]

Akṣhobhya’s Parinirvāṇa

At that time, the Venerable Śāriputra thought further, "The World-Honored One has spoken of the infinite merits of Tathāgata Akṣhobhya, the Worthy One, the Perfectly Enlightened One, in following the Bodhisattva-path. He has also spoken of the vast, great adornments of that land and the excellent, virtuous deeds of the Śrāvakas and Bodhisattvas there. I hope that the World-Honored One will further tell us about that Buddha's parinirvāṇa and his deeds of deliverance thereafter." Then, Read more [...]

Snips and Snails and Demon Tales

Demons in the Desert Jataka Tale: Alexa Renée “Śāriputra, a venomous snake subjugated by a magic spell cannot hurt anyone, and insects or worms will not be worried or afraid upon seeing it. Yet, harmless as it is, it is still called a venomous snake because it has received the form of a snake as a result of its previous karmas. Śāriputra, the same is true with the celestial demon Pāpiyān. When Tathāgata Akṣhobhya was following the Bodhisattva practices in the past, he vowed to dedicate Read more [...]

Part-Time Bodhisattvas

From: Sumeru-Books.Com At that time, the Venerable Śāriputra thought, "The World-Honored One has just now discussed the merits of the Śrāvakas. May the Tathāgata also expound the complete merits of the Bodhisattvas. Why? Because all other merits come from them." Then, knowing Śāriputra’s thought, the Buddha told him, "ln that Buddhaland, innumerable hundreds of thousands of [millions of] billions of Bodhisattvas attend the assembly, and, by the divine power of the Buddha, all the Read more [...]

The Śrāvakian Stream

"Furthermore, Śāriputra, when Tathāgata Akṣhobhya expounds the Dharma, he can skillfully subdue countless sentient beings, making them all attain Arhatship; numerous are those who will dwell in the meditation of the eightfold liberation. “Śāriputra, Tathāgata Akṣhobhya, the Worthy One, the Perfectly Enlightened One, has a host of Śrāvakas incalculable in number. I cannot find any arithmetician or any arithmetician's disciple able to compute how many hundreds of thousands of millions Read more [...]

A Thousand-Petaled Golden Lotus

At that time, hearing the Buddha praise the merits of the Buddha-land of Tathāgata Akṣhobhya, a monk became greedily attached to it and said to the Buddha, "World-Honored One, now I wish to be born in Akṣhobhya Buddha's land." The Buddha told the monk, "With your foolishness and delusion, how can you be born there? Why? Because one with any passion or attachment cannot be born in that Buddha-land. Only those who have planted good roots and cultivated pure conduct can be born there." Yearning Read more [...]

The mind of 84,000 hooks.

This is the sole gospel of Mara, the Evil One, so pay careful attention; Within each seed granted your self, there is a promise of a beautiful flower. One of completeness and bliss or even vengeance and destruction. In the end, when all things are said and done and you find yourself confused and suffering try to recall that pure evil dwells not in any of these positions of the divided Mind; but solely in the Body of Perfect Deception. Once upon a time, in a realm and reality, Read more [...]

The Land of Wonderful Joy

At that time, Śāriputra said to the Buddha, "World-Honored One, the Buddha has explained the merits acquired by Tathāgata Akṣhobhya when he was cultivating the Bodhisattva practices. I hope that the World-Honored One will reveal and elaborate on the merits and magnificence of the present land of Tathāgata Akṣhobhya. Why? So that sentient beings who follow the Bodhisattva-path may delight in the merits of that land after hearing them and desire to see, worship, and make offerings to Read more [...]
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