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A Thousand-Petaled Golden Lotus

At that time, hearing the Buddha praise the merits of the Buddha-land of Tathāgata Akhobhya, a monk became greedily attached to it and said to the Buddha, “World-Honored One, now I wish to be born in Akhobhya Buddha’s land.” read more

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A Shamanistic Dimension

Just finished reading the Zennist’s post entitled Restoring our spiritual senses. It evokes a shamanistic-dimension to destabilize our “despiritualized culture.” Reading this for me was one of those synchronistic moments as my blog from this past summer, Notes from the Iron Stupa , had as its salient theme a Shamanistic-Dimension. As the Zennist states it may indeed take a “modern form of shamanism” accompanied with “spiritual artifacts” that include special forms of incense and ritualized techniques to help remedy the despiritualized material malaise. If one were to read from the blog category here, The Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva, then one would be privy to a mystically-charged form of Spiritual Liturgy that I conduct alone once a week—accompanied with my monk’s robe and the ritual tools required. From reading the “About Us” tab above I have now totally devoted my life like a spiritual anchorite “choosing to withdraw from the mundane affairs of samsara in order to devote myself to lead a life of intense meditation/contemplation and dharma-study in Light of the Buddhadharma.” The very creation of this website was done in the spirit of creating an online-monastery, where one is free to withdraw for a while from the hustle and bustle and just savor the sweetness of the Buddhadharma.  It has become obvious to me for many years now that the monastic-hermetic route is a viable option in today’s increasingly dharma-ending age. read more

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Slaying the Beast

There is no greater enemy than one’s own thoughts run amok. The Dhammapada is layered with imagery that depicts this mental predicament, such as ‘what one thinks one becomes.’ Evola utilizes passages whose task is to arrest and erase these wanton beasts of the mind: read more

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Notes from the Iron Stupa: Epilogue

Stupa Image from the Doog Diaries

The Black Ngagspa lost all evil intent after witnessing Schäfer’s Vajrasattvic Empowerment—indeed, it was as if the Sacred Action had suctioned-off any and all residuals of malice—and his role in the scheme of the evil Lord of Agarthi was apparently over, but for one thing…in a twisted maneuver his former Dark Lord had been witnessing these events unfold nearby—such was his astral prowess. He may have lost his novice to the Buddhaic-Light, but he found the prize! At first he was astonished how the long lost substance of the Vril had metastasized into the form of a meteorite statue—but there it was! Lying there in its aquiline prison at the apex of the Iron Stupa was the figure of a hooded monk grasping a strange weapon at his side… read more

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Vairocana—the Matrix of the Buddha Sun

Having failed in his attempt with the tulpa-doppelganger, the Black Ngagspa made astral contact with his evil Lord of Agarthi. Standing before him wearing a dark green robe and his hands clothed with luminous-green-gloves, the evil Lord had been watching events unfold through his own ‘Mirror of Darkness’. Clearly displeased with his neophyte, he took control of the situation and in an instant, the Black Ngagspa watched as a pair of green-gloves—similar to the ones his Lord was wearing—materialized with their eerie green-glow on his own hands. The Lord of Agarthi warned him to take care, for the gloves were poisonous and just one touch would prove to be fatal. The gloves’ substance was made from the paste of an aconite plant—known as monkshood—and with the slightest contact toxins from the plant, absorbed through the skin, would result in instant death. This was to be the means of deciding Schäfer’s fate. read more

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Valhalla for a Bodhisattva

The inner-landscape changed dramatically for Schäfer as he found himself flying on a wind-mandala high above the majestic setting of a Tibetan cordillera. The mandala’s semi-circular shape seemed to curve in and out of the ever expanding vista until it gradually came to rest in a clearing surrounded by the tangy-like smell of evergreen trees. From the midst of the trees a circular-shape began to emerge, one that slowly but surely revealed the smiling face of a Green Goddess: read more

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Introduction: Notes from the Iron Stupa

Introduction: Notes from the Iron Stupa

Hello all. Blogging resumes again here at Unborn Mind Zen. Last year at this time work began presenting The Tathatagarbhatara Tantra, a work that essentially was an exercise in Mahayoga wherein the aspiring mind adept witnessed the Tantric Consecration of the Nirvanic Element that is the Real Dharma-Realm implanted as a Seven-fold Supra-Mandala within one’s inmost self. Prior to this (2012) a vast work on Atiyoga, The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead, became the vehicle in which the “Bardo” experience was examined through the singular lens of the Ten Advanced Stages of Mind Development. The present developing work, Notes from the Iron Stupa, is primarily an exercise in Anuyoga; whereas the Tathatagarbhatara Tantra would be considered as a Father Tantra, this present work’s formulation is that of a Mother Tantra—as the conduit of Primordial Wisdom is generated through the Skillful Means of actualizing the Vajra-Body. Anuyoga is spiritual-surgery wherein the Yogin’s chakra-channels, through the mystic-wind-breath of Bodhicitta, are set into vibratory-patterns awakening hidden deity-power that is the flowering of the sambhogakaya, the culmination of which results in the Five Yogas and Empowerments of the Dhyani Buddhas and their Consorts. Thus, whenever yogins meditate and the Tathatic-deities have been invoked, the soil of the inner-mind and spirit has been impregnated by the power of concentrated bodhicitta; therein the Element of Truth can be discerned and experienced in sambhokayic-fashion. In yogic-terms this is known as the stabilization of the Samadhi of the Completion Stage. read more

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