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The Four Tantric Yogas

8. The Four Tantric Yogas

The Samantabhadrī Discourse continues:

“Suchness is devoid of one in the All of no-oneness. My Unborn Beingness is the Such that reflects through objectified dharmata. As such, each apparent separate object contains the seedness of the Such in unison with ITs undivided nature. Contemplating this empowers one to gaze inwardly into the Core-Such. As My Beingness is the Core-Such in Its Self-Actualization of non-dualness, there are four yogas that emanate from this inner-tranquility as drawn from the experience and differing modes and qualities of practitioners: Sattvayoga, Mahāyoga, Anuyoga, and Atiyoga.” read more

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The Place where the Primordial Speaks

Art by Mara Berendt Friedman

1. The Place where the Primordial Speaks

Homage to the [Supreme Source], the mind of complete purity, the victorious one! read more

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Notes from the Iron Stupa: Epilogue

Stupa Image from the Doog Diaries

The Black Ngagspa lost all evil intent after witnessing Schäfer’s Vajrasattvic Empowerment—indeed, it was as if the Sacred Action had suctioned-off any and all residuals of malice—and his role in the scheme of the evil Lord of Agarthi was apparently over, but for one thing…in a twisted maneuver his former Dark Lord had been witnessing these events unfold nearby—such was his astral prowess. He may have lost his novice to the Buddhaic-Light, but he found the prize! At first he was astonished how the long lost substance of the Vril had metastasized into the form of a meteorite statue—but there it was! Lying there in its aquiline prison at the apex of the Iron Stupa was the figure of a hooded monk grasping a strange weapon at his side… read more

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Coming Soon: The Tathāgatagarbhatārā Tantra

Hello all. Blogging resumes again here at Unborn Mind Zen. Last year at this time work was begun presenting “The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead”, a work that essentially was an exercise in Atiyoga as the vehicle in which the “Bardo” experience was examined through the singular lens of the Ten Advanced Stages of Mind Development. The present developing work is primarily an exercise in Mahāyoga, a little spin into Tantric-Space wherein the aspiring Mind-adept witnesses the Consecration of the Nirvanic Element within one’s inmost self—in a real sense “unifying” all the otherwise divergent characteristics that constitute beingness itself. read more

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