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The Mind of Zen

When it comes to matters of Spirit, and the innate Mind animating its will; Great minds discuss ideas around its true nature, relying solely on the light of its absolute reality as origin of their wisdom. Average minds discuss events around its illusory appearances; and finally -  Small minds discuss people who like them are caught in its created maelstrom of birth and death. If you cannot understand this, or much less accept it, know then that where there is no division [of Mind], there Read more [...]

Contemplating the mystery – Part 2

(Dedicated to those of you,  whom are close to death or connected to a close relative, or friend, that in your eyes and consciousness-field is about to die.) Make no mistake. This body, your present spiritual residence of ignorance, desire and the will that executed said desire  and descended the consciousness of your Spirit/Mind into its conditioned abode, is going to die. End. Cease to exist in its born and regenerated spatio-temporal form. When death comes to your present consciousness Read more [...]

Contemplating the mystery – Part 1

The various ways and amount of suffering in this mind-realm is beyond the understanding of any sentient being. Were it not so, beholding the inevitable pain of such a burning house, all sentients would swiftly strive to know the light of the luminous Mind, being their true nature that allows escape and a firm standing on the nirvanic shore of their true self. The noble student of the way contemplates the mantra; Who was I  before this body was born?  Who am I  after this body was born? If Read more [...]
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